Thank you for shopping with Supertails! We understand deciding what pet products to purchase online can be difficult without seeing the items in person.

Our RETURN POLICY outlines the guidelines enabling customers to return items if they do not meet expectations or fit your pets properly. We stand behind the quality of our products and will accept returns due to defects, damages, errors, or other issues.

Please review this policy BEFORE placing an order to fully understand the process, terms, and conditions if needing to request a return in the future.

General Eligibility

Supertails accepts product returns for refunds or exchanges within 30 days of receiving your order IF certain conditions are met proving the items are defective, damaged, inaccurate, or otherwise unsatisfactory through no fault of the customer.

All return requests must be submitted using our online Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process described below. Once approved, we will provide a prepaid return shipping label or reimburse documented shipping fees based on circumstances.

Ineligible returns outside the scope of warranty coverage or 30-day policy include:

We reserve the right to deny returns if ineligible per policy, or showing signs of abuse.

Initial Order Inspection

We ask customers thoroughly inspect all packages promptly upon delivery before accepting and signing for the order from the courier. Notify the driver immediately about any apparent damages or missing items so these issues can be formally documented. This helps facilitate claims afterwards if needed.

If possible, photograph any external box damages plus the condition of products before removing from packaging. Internal components may shift and conceal these problems if boxes are opened first. Capture order numbers, date of delivery, tracking information, and other relevant details.

Email these images and information to within 3 calendar days referencing your order details. One of our team members will contact you to confirm next steps resolving your issues as quickly as possible.

Submitting Returns

To begin the official returns process:

  1. Gather necessary order details
    • Date ordered
    • Order number
    • Customer name & contact info
  2. Be prepared to explain reason for return request
    • Damaged – describe specifics
    • Defective – detail problems
    • Inaccurate – identify differences from what you expected to receive
  3. Visit our Online Returns Center * Fill-in web form details * Print prepaid shipping label if eligible * Receive next steps for processing
  4. Package items very carefully to avoid additional damage * Use original or similar packaging when possible
  5. Ship with tracking providing delivery confirmation

Until notified otherwise, please do not throw away any packaging in case return shipping is required.

Reasons For Returning Items

Common reasons customers start return requests include:

Damaged Products

If an item arrives cracked, torn, dented, scratched, or showing other physical damage – we want to replace it right away or refund your order. As outlined in our Shipping Policy, reporting issues promptly is key so we can start claims with carriers while evidence is clear.

Photographing packaging and damage is extremely helpful for successful claims. We know damage is upsetting and want to resolve problems ASAP for customers.

Defective Products

Occasional manufacturing defects cause functionality issues. We test products thoroughly before shipping, but flaws or failures still happen on rare occasions.

If a component stops working suddenly, buttons stick, pieces detach unexpectedly, or defects appear despite following usage instructions – please let us know immediately so we can ship replacements. We apologize for any frustration defective items cause.

Inaccurate Orders

Human error during order processing can lead to incorrect, missing or duplicate items shipped versus what the packing slip says you should receive.

Perhaps colors, sizes or quantities are off. Maybe certain pieces listed are actually backordered. When noticed upon opening your order, get in touch so we can make corrections.

Changed Mind

With pet supplies representing a significant investment, we understand if specific products simply didn’t meet expectations when unwrapped or tried on your pets at home.

While customized or used items fall outside standard return eligibility, if items are gently used in good resalable condition during initial trial, contact us ASAP so we can discuss refund or exchange options available.

Replacement & Refund Guidelines

Upon receiving and validating return requests, Supertails aims to process next steps within 2-3 business days. Our resolutions depend on precise reasons involved:


If products arrived clearly damaged or defective through no fault of your own, replacements will ship immediately at our cost pending availability of inventory. We do not want customers waiting longer to receive properly working items already paid for.

Once replacements go out, customers have follow-on 30 days to return further problematic substitute items if any functional concerns reoccur. Please note exact product flaws clearly during secondary communications should exchanges continue failing to meet standards.


Meeting customers exact needs and sizing pets properly is very important to us. If comparable replacement items still leave you unsatisfied, let our team know immediately.

For qualified returns in resalable condition, refunds issue crediting the complete item purchase amount minus original shipping fees. Refund methods match original payment types:

Once returns arrive and pass inspection assuring adherence to policy, expect fund dispersal within approximately 5-7 business days depending on payment channels involved.

Return Shipping Logistics

To ensure a smooth returns experience, please follow these shipping guidelines:

Receiving Return Labels

Upon approving and processing Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA), customers receive prepaid shipping labels covering transportation back to our facilities via email. When available, utilizing these labels is the easiest, fastest way to return items needing minimal effort and no money out of pocket.

If return reasons fall outside the conditions meeting label eligibility, don’t worry! Instructions will accompany RMA forms clarifying next steps.

Packaging Requirements

Please use extremely careful, proper packaging sending items back to avoid additional damage in transit. Seal boxes neatly with strong tape. Include all original components and paperwork for simplified processing.

We recommend wrapping used, soiled, or otherwise fragile pieces in extra layers of bubble wrap or protective material inside boxes. Loose parts must be secured. High-value items should ship with delivery insurance if possible. Failure to follow these precautions could incur additional deductions from refunds if returned products get further compromised.

Return Addresses

Packages ship back to either our main distribution warehouses or local retail stores depending on items and original shipment sources.

RMA forms and return labels designate the correct facility destinations. Send returns ONLY to the provided confirmed addresses. Merchandise sent to wrong locations risks extra transit, delaying processing, or even complete loss requiring you to start over!

Tracking Information

Always obtain tracking numbers and shipment receipts from carriers for your records. Upload confirmations to our Online Returns Center. Tracking enables customers and our team to monitor progress during transit and validate when packages deliver successfully.

In rare cases of lost packages or errors, this documentation protects you while filing freight claims towards making corrections. Communicate with us immediately about any return shipment problems encountered.

Restocking Fees

Supertails strives to make returns smooth and free as often possible. However in select scenarios, additional restocking fees up to 25% deduct from refunds to recoup a portion of losses from extra handling/transportation efforts required.

Common triggers include:

We reserve rights to charge restocking fees reasonably based on return frequencies and specific circumstances. Processing merchant refunds also imposes financial servicing costs paid by Supertails. Our goal certainly isn’t profiting from customer returns, but repeated issues do take resources better invested improving overall shopping experiences. Please reach out if assessed fees seem unfair discussing concerns openly so we can hopefully find resolutions addressing every party’s needs.


Customers seeking different size variants, alternate colors, or compatible replacement models for returned items qualify for direct 1:1 exchanges by default upon request rather than refunds – assuming inventory allows quick substitutions.

We want you receiving perfect-fit products matching expectations. Exchanges provide environmental savings over scrapping used merchandise whenever possible too.

The same initial 30-day acceptance window applies to original order dates, regardless if replacement items get shipped later. Extended durations would sustain unreasonable liability. Feel free reaching out about special cases if unique circumstances exist.

Refused Return Packages

Proactively refusing delivery of confirmed return shipments back to our facilities suspends refund processing until packages release and arrive safely for inspection. Other resolution options also halt in the interim causing delays assisting customers. Additional carrier redelivery charges apply.

If travel, medical issues, or other extenuating circumstances unexpectedly prevent you from taking delivery – call us immediately to discuss holding packages at locations for convenient pick-up when possible. Returns cannot finalize until physically in possession.

Return Fraud & Abuse

Supertails processes over 5,000 packages daily and unfortunate scenarios sometimes arise including attempted return fraud/abuse despite policies.

Intentional deceit or exploitation of returns assistance requires denial and forfeiture of refunds/exchanges. Confirmed abuse also warrants barring associated customers from future purchases.

Examples include:

We thoroughly investigate suspicious behaviors using surveillance, tracking histories, and fraud prevention tools. Bottom line – we pursue fairness and treat all customer issues legitimately with understanding and compassion. Please communicate openly so we can achieve positive resolutions together when possible.

Unrecoverable Products

In limited cases where returns get irrevocably lost or damaged catastrophically in transit rendering items unfit for resale or unusable – Supertails reserves rights to only issue partial refunds, if any.

We cannot justify full reimbursements without ability to recover associated inventory costs. Always insure valuable return shipments within your means and communicate about problems immediately for assistance minimizing losses.

Future Policy Changes

As a growing small business, Supertails occasionally updates policies to reflect changing capabilities, compliance evolutions, extra protections needed against abuse, and improved clarity answering frequent questions. We reserve the right to modify return rules at any time by posting updates on our website. Continued use of our services after changes constitutes acceptance automatically. Please check back periodically and contact us about concerns over alterations.

Questions? Reach Out!

If any part of this Returns Policy remains unclear or special situations exist falling outside standard guidelines, our customer care team is ready to help! We know policies seem rigid but actually allow flexibility addressing most reasonable issues. Explain your circumstances for customized guidance.

Contact Info:

Thank you again for your business and understanding as we aim making returns as seamless as possible for both customers and Supertails alike. We hope you love our products so much that exchanges become wholly unnecessary! Please share any suggestions on how we can improve.