Waterproof Hooded Slicker Raincoat for Small Dogs


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Keep your small pup dry on soggy adventures with this protective hooded raincoat. Made from a lightweight, waterproof material, this jacket features reflective strips and an adjustable fit for rainy day walks.

The hooded design provides coverage for sensitive ear and neck areas. Hook and loop straps allow you to secure the right snugness around your dog’s chest and neck. No tricky pullovers required!

A hole in the back gives easy leash access while elastic bands keep the hood in place. Your frisky friend can romp and play without the coat shifting around.

Bright reflective stripes on the hood and back ensure visibility during nighttime strolls. Breathable fabric prevents overheating and discomfort. Just slip it on over your dog’s collar.

This raincoat comes in great colors like red, blue, grey, and beige. Find the perfect size by measuring your dog’s chest girth and back length. Refer to size chart for recommended dimensions.

Give your small dog the gift of cozy dryness with this cleverly designed hooded slicker. No more wet dog smell after poor weather playtime! Click Add to Cart now to get this adjustable and reflective raincoat.


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