Warm Faux Leather Dog Jacket for Small Breeds


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As temperatures start to drop, it’s important to make sure your small breed dog stays nice and cozy when out for winter walks. This stylish faux leather dog jacket from LESYPET offers the perfect combination of warmth, protection and fashionable good looks to keep your pup comfy and looking their best.

Made from waterproof, windproof faux leather, this jacket delivers durable protection from cold, rain, snow and wind. The sleek leather exterior gives it a classic bomber jacket style that looks great on small breed dogs like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Malteses, Poodles and more.

But it’s not just about style – the inside lining of the jacket features a soft, plush polyester fleece that wraps your dog in warmth and wicks away moisture. The fleece lining extends into a fuzzy faux fur collar for additional insulation around the neck area.

Getting the right fit is crucial to keep your dog warm. This jacket is designed to fit smaller breed dogs weighing 5-8 pounds with a neck girth of 12 inches and a chest girth of 16 inches. Refer to the size chart to ensure you choose the size that fits your dog best.

The snap-button closures down the front make it easy to put on and take off. And when it’s time for cleaning, you can simply hand wash and hang dry.

Give your short-haired dog the gift of cozy warmth with this fashionable winter dog jacket. The waterproof and insulating design allows your dog to comfortably enjoy daily walks and time outside, even when temperatures plummet.

Here are some key features and benefits of this LESYPET small breed dog jacket:

Double Layer Protection:

Windproof, waterproof faux leather exterior shell
Plush polyester fleece lining for warmth and moisture-wicking
Insulating Design:

Fuzzy faux fur collar for added warmth around neck
Velcro closures for a snug fit to seal in body heat
Tailored cut designed for small breed dogs
Fashionable Style:

Sleek bomber jacket styling in bright, trendy colors
Smart contrasting accents and button details
Lets your dog strut their stuff in cool canine fashion
Comfort and Convenience:

Snap-button front makes putting on/taking off simple
Hand washable durable faux leather and fleece fabrics
Leashes can be attached through metal bracket on back
Keep your tiny dog warm while still showing off their stylish side with this LESYPET small breed dog jacket. Your pup will look like a fashion model and feel like they’re wrapped in a warm hug!

While some dogs naturally grow thick coats to keep them warm in frigid weather, many small breeds like Chihuahuas have very fine or short hair that leaves them vulnerable to shivering and cold. A warm jacket like this is a must-have to keep your short-haired dog comfortable when temperatures drop.

The waterproof faux leather exterior provides a durable, wind-resistant barrier between your dog and the elements. While sleek good looks are a bonus, this jacket’s main job is keeping your dog warm and dry. The plush fleece lining traps body heat close to the skin for added warmth.

Secure closures are also key to sealing in warmth. This jacket uses both velcro and snap-button closures down the front to wrap your pup in a cozy cocoon of comfort. The snug faux fur collar provides extra protection around the neck and chest area.

While you’ll initially pick this jacket for its functional warmth, your fashion-forward dog will love the way it looks on them too. The bomber style jacket features contrasting colors and prints for a bold, eye-catching look. Let your dog strut their stuff in this smart cold weather ensemble.

When it’s time to head back inside, this jacket comes off as easily as it goes on thanks to the snap-button closures. Caring for it is also simple – just hand wash and hang dry as needed. Faux leather fabric makes this jacket much more durable and water resistant than cotton or knit fabrics.

Don’t resign your tiny dog to shivers this winter. Get them the protective warmth and weather resistance they need with this LESYPET faux leather dog jacket. Sizes run small to fit little pups weighing 5-8 pounds. Refer to the size chart to help select the perfect snug fit for your pup.

Keep your short-haired small breed dog warm, dry and fashionable all winter long with this cozy faux leather jacket from LESYPET. Order yours today!


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