Transform Your Kitty into Royalty with the Legendog Pet Princess Costume


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Treat your furry friend like the royal highness they are with this precious princess costume set from Legendog. The lace crown and bandana will have your pet feeling like pampered royalty!

Elegant Lace and Pearl Crown

The crown’s exquisite design features a three-tier lace wrap punctuated with faux pearls. An adjustable strap with a ribbon bow ensures a comfy fit. Place atop your kitty’s head to complete their majestic ensemble.

Pink Satin Bandana

A lush satin fabric bandana in rose pink adds a pop of color. Tie it around your pet’s neck to complement the crown. The soft material won’t irritate their skin.

Luxurious yet Comfortable

While this set looks luxurious, the materials are designed for your pet’s comfort. The lace is lightweight and breathable, while the satin bandana fabric has a smooth finish. Let your pet play without restriction.

Mix and Match for Different Looks

The bandana can be worn with other outfits too! Try pairing it with a glittery skirt for a glam look or a superhero cape for a powerful princess. Use the crown for a royal photoshoot.

Perfect for Dress Up Play

Your newly crowned royal can strut their stuff pretending to rule over their kingdom. The costume sparks your pet’s imagination and your own creativity too.

Capture Those Instagram Moments

Get ready for your feed to be flooded with “awws” when you post pics of your pet in this fairytale costume! The outfit provides the perfect backdrop for capturing their personality.

Liven Up Any Celebration

Take pet birthdays, holiday cards, and other events to the next level when your kitty makes a grand entrance in their princess best. They’ll be the belle of the ball!

Designed for Small Dogs and Cats

Both pieces are sized to comfortably fit petite dogs under 12 lbs and kitties. Allow room for adjustment to achieve your pet’s ideal fit.

Treat your beloved pet like royalty in this beautiful lace princess crown and bandana set from Legendog! Order now and make fairytales come true.


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