Transform Your Dog into the King of the Jungle with the Lion Mane Costume for Dogs


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Let your dog unleash their inner lion and rule the urban jungle in the Lion Mane Costume for Dogs. This realistic costume turns your dog into the king of beasts and is perfect for Halloween, dress-up parties, photoshoots, and more wild fun.

Regal, Realistic Lion Mane and Ears

The mane is made of high-quality polyester that’s soft and comfortable against your dog’s skin and coats. The bushy brown mane encompasses your dog’s head and neck in a full, dramatic style befitting lion royalty.

Furry lion ears top off the look, perching atop your dog’s head to complete the transformation. Between the wild mane and perky ears, your dog looks every bit the monarch surveying their kingdom.

Adjustable Size for Medium to Large Dogs

The mane features an elastic drawstring that allows you to adjust the fit around your dog’s neck. With a neck circumference of 19 to 28 inches, this lion costume can fit most medium to large breed dogs, including:

  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Golden Retrievers
  • German Shepherds
  • Bulldogs
  • Beagles
  • Boxers
  • Poodles
  • And more!

The elastic drawstring ensures a custom fit for your dog that’s tight enough to stay on securely, while remaining comfy for all-day wear.

Stays On and Stays Fun

This isn’t a flimsy costume that falls off with the slightest movement. The mane is designed to stay on and stay secure as your dog plays, runs, rolls, and lives their best lion life.

The high-quality polyester stands up to pawing, chewing, and everything your active dog can dish out. The mane withstands everything from rowdy play sessions to vigorous shake-offs, so the fun lasts.

Rain or shine, this lion mane costume keeps the adventure going. The polyester mane is durable even when wet.

Easy On and Off for Your Dog

Costume time is fun time, so this lion mane slips on and off easily. Simply expand the neck opening and slip it over your dog’s head. Position the mane around their neck and shoulders, then gently tighten the drawstring for a perfect fit.

When it’s time for a break, loosening the drawstring allows you to pull the costume right off. Your dog can enjoy some mane-free time, with the option to transform back into the king of the urban jungle again in an instant.

Fun for Every Occasion

Every day can be a wild day with the Lion Mane Costume for Dogs! Here are some fun occasions to let your dog flaunt their fluffy glory:

  • Halloween: Scare up some fun by trick-or-treating with your frighteningly fabulous lion.
  • Costume Parties: Your little cub will be the life of the party and the king of costumes.
  • Game Days: Cheer on your favorite team with a lion mascot by your side.
  • Birthday Parties: Guest of honor? How about guest of jungle honor!
  • Photoshoots: Capture insta-worthy shots of your pup channeling their inner Simba.
  • School Spirit Days: Rally with your lion by your side in school colors.
  • Pride Parades: Celebrate with your proud lion dressed in a rainbow mane.

Anywhere you and your dog go, the Lion Mane Costume brings the fun and flair of the jungle along.

Complementary Design for Most Dogs

The kingly brown color complements most dogs’ natural coats. For an extra regal look, the golden tones accentuate lighter fur on breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labs, Collies, and Australian Shepherds.

Against darker coats, the brown mane pops beautifully on breeds like German Shepherds, Bernese Mountain dogs, Rottweilers, and more. No matter your dog’s coat color, this mane enhances their natural good looks.

Pamper Your Pup with Plush Polyester

The high-quality polyester mane keeps your pup cozy and comfy for hours of wear. The soft, smooth texture is gentle on your dog’s skin and won’t cause irritation or overheating.

Long plush polyester fibers surround your pup in cuddly comfort and customizable warmth. Whether it’s a chilly Halloween night or a hot summer cookout, your dog can stay comfortable in their costume.

Easy Care and Cleaning

Made from durable polyester, the Lion Mane Costume is built to last through many adventures. When it’s time to clean, simply hand wash the mane in cool water with a mild soap or detergent. Allow it to fully air dry before your dog’s next wild romp.

The polyester material won’t shrink, lose shape, or release color, no matter how many times you wash it. With basic care, this mane stays looking luxurious wash after wash.

Show Off Your Majestic Mutt

Bring out your dog’s wild side and treat them like jungle royalty in the Lion Mane Costume for Dogs. Your pooch will adore becoming the king of the urban jungle.

With a realistic design, adjustable fit, and durable construction, this mane lets your dog unleash their inner lion for dress-up fun, parties, photos, and everyday adventures. Make every day a royal occasion and treat your loyal subject to the Lion Mane Costume today!


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