Train Your Pets to Stay Off Restricted Areas with This Safe yet Effective Pet Shock Mat


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Keeping your furry friends from climbing on furniture, counters, beds, and other off-limit areas can be a challenge. But with the PAPARELA Pet Shock Mat, you can train your cats and dogs to stay out of prohibited zones in a safe, humane, and effective way.

This convenient training mat delivers a mild static pulse when stepped on, startling your pet without harming them. The shock mat works by associating the surface with an unpleasant sensation, teaching your pets to avoid stepping on it. And with its generous 30” x 16” size, you can cover beds, couches, countertops, and other areas you want to protect.

3 Training Modes for Customized Correction

The shock mat features 3 training modes so you can find the right setting for your pet:

  • Tone – Beeps when stepped on
  • Tone + Safe Static – Beeps and delivers a mild static pulse
  • Static – Silently delivers a static pulse when stepped on

We recommend starting with the Tone + Static mode so your pet learns to associate the beeping sound with the sensation. Then you can switch to just the Tone mode once they’ve learned. The Static mode works well for especially stubborn pets.

Safe, Humane Static Correction

While startling, the static pulse delivered by the PAPARELA shock mat is harmless and won’t cause pain or injury. The mat is powered by one standard 9-volt battery, and the power is regulated to keep your pet safe.

The mat also has built-in protection features. If your pet stays on the mat for over 60 seconds, it will shut off for 200 seconds before reactivating. This prevents over-correction while allowing the mat to remain effective.

Easy To Use, Transport, and Store

Using the PAPARELA Pet Shock Mat is simple. Just unroll it, flatten it on the surface you want to protect, and turn it on. The mat can be easily picked up and moved between rooms or folded up for storage when not in use.

Short touch controls let you turn it on/off and toggle between the training modes. And thanks to the durable vinyl fabric, the mat is water resistant for quick cleanups.

Protect Off-Limit Areas Around Your Home

With its generous 30” x 16” size, the PAPARELA Pet Shock Mat can cover small beds, chairs, counters, tables, and more to train your pet to avoid those areas. Its long-lasting battery means you can use it daily to reinforce training.

Here are some examples of where you can use the safe shock mat for pet-proofing:

  • On top of beds, couches, and other furniture
  • Kitchen counters and tables
  • Entertainment centers and shelves
  • Offices desks and computer tables
  • Baby cribs, playpens, and activity areas
  • Motorcycle and car seats
  • Around trash cans and plants
  • Hallways, stairs, and doorways
  • Holiday decor areas

With consistent use of the training mat, your pets will quickly learn to avoid stepping on it. This means you can enjoy your home and furnishings without worry – and your furry companions will be safer too.

We Stand Behind Our Product

All PAPARELA products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be fully pleased with your purchase. If you experience any issues with the Pet Shock Mat, contact us for a replacement. Our friendly customer service team is ready to assist you.

Say Goodbye to Off-Limit Pets with the PAPARELA Pet Shock Mat

Stubborn, determined pets can be difficult to train using rewards alone. With its safe yet effective static pulse, the PAPARELA Pet Shock Mat provides negative reinforcement that really works to teach cats and dogs to avoid prohibited areas. Yet it remains gentle and humane.

Protect your furniture, electronics, and valuables in a pet-friendly way. Get your paws on this ingenious training mat today and take control over off-limit areas in your home!


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