Train Your Dog to Heel with the Joytale Tactical Dog Leash


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Is your dog strong, energetic, and love to pull on the leash? Do you find yourself constantly battling against your dog’s strength just trying to walk them around the block? It can be exhausting and frustrating trying to walk a powerful dog that wants to run free and drag you along. What you need is the Joytale Tactical Dog Leash – the professional grade leash made for training even the most powerful and energetic dogs.

Heavy Duty and Built to Last

This leash is made with maximum durability in mind. The heavy duty metal carabiner clip is made of robust zinc alloy that can withstand pulling force up to 150lbs without breaking or unlocking. No more worries about your dog breaking free during walks. The leash rope is made of strong, wear resistant nylon that can endure all types of weather and constant pulling without fraying.

Shock Absorbing Bungee Takes Strain Off Your Arm

One of the best features of the Joytale leash is the innovative shock absorbing bungee design. The leash can stretch up to 6 feet, cushioning sudden jerks and jumps while walking your dog. This absorbs kinetic force and strain that would normally transfer directly to your arm. Now you can walk powerful pullers in comfort.

Gain Better Control with Dual Padded Handles

Two ergonomic padded handles give you flexibility in controlling your dog. The larger traffic handle lets you reel your dog in close by your side when needed. The smaller padded handle gives you extra leverage and maneuverability during training sessions. Switch between the two for perfect control in any situation.

Keep Your Dog Safe Day or Night

Reflective stripes are woven throughout the leash so you and your dog remain visible after dark. No more worrying about cars seeing you on late night or early morning walks! There is also a seat belt adaptor so your dog can be safely secured in the car while traveling.

Easily Attach Accessories for Training

An extra D-ring near the handle is perfect to quickly clip on training pouches, clickers, treats, or waste bags. Keep everything you need within easy reach for productive training walks.

Say Goodbye to Pulling and Hello to Heeling!

The Joytale Tactical Dog Leash is designed by professionals to be the ultimate training tool for personality and high energy dogs. The bungee absorbs pulling forces while the dual handles let you tighten up control when needed. You’ll be shocked at how quickly your dog learns to stop pulling and walk politely by your side. The Joytale leash will have even the most energetic dogs healing like a pro!

Get the durability, comfort, and control you need to train your spirited companion with the Joytale Tactical Dog Leash. Order today and get ready for your best walks ever!

Product Details

  • Heavy duty metal carabiner clip made of zinc alloy
  • Withstands pulling force over 150lbs
  • Shock absorbing bungee extends up to 6 feet
  • Cushions force to reduce arm strain
  • Traffic padded handle for close control
  • Ergonomic training padded handle
  • Quickly switch between handles
  • Reflective stripes for visibility at night
  • Seat belt adaptor for car travel
  • D-ring to attach accessories
  • Strong, weather resistant nylon
  • For medium to extra large dogs

What Dog Owners Are Saying

“This leash is a game changer! My Husky would constantly pull, but with the bungee absorbing the force he’s already learning not to lug on the leash so much. The padding gives me a lot more control, he walks much nicer now!” – Jane K.

“I can’t believe how well this leash works for training. The handles make it easy to reposition my hand for the most leverage when my Boxer starts getting distracted. He’s learning to heel beautifully now.” – Kyle P.

“My pit mix is very strong and would often pull my arm out walking her. This leash takes all the strain off my joints. Even if she lunges after a squirrel the bungee prevents her from tearing my arm off! I love the reflective stripes too for our early morning walks.” – Michelle R.

“I use the seat belt attachment every time I take my Lab driving. It keeps him safe and secure. The heavy duty carabiner gives me peace of mind he won’t break free.” – David L.

“The D-ring is so convenient for clipping on waste bags or training clickers. I don’t have to fumble through pockets anymore trying to walk my dog at the same time. Makes training sessions much smoother.” – Ashley T.


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