Train and Control Your Dog with Ease with the Joytale Strong Short 18″ Dog Leash


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Take control of walking and training your medium or large dog with the Joytale Strong Short 18″ Dog Leash. This high-quality leash provides excellent control and comfort for you and your dog.

Superior Control for Crowded Areas and Training

The 18 inch length gives you greater control over your dog in busy areas and during training compared to a standard 6 foot leash. Quickly rein in your dog from distractions and gain their focus again. The short length also allows excellent control in an emergency situation.

Comfortable Padded Handle Protects Your Hand

Walk comfortably even when your dog is pulling. The leash features a padded neoprene handle that protects your hand from abrasion and strain. The soft padding ensures a comfortable, slip-free grip.

Heavy Duty Metal Clasp Provides Secure Attachment

A sturdy metal carabiner clip securely attaches to your dog’s collar D-ring while allowing 360° rotation to prevent tangling. An additional D-ring on the handle lets you attach waste bag holders, keys, or other accessories.

Reflective Threading for Visibility and Safety

This leash stands out at night with reflective threading on both sides, unlike leashes with single-sided reflectivity. Double reflectivity provides maximum visibility in low light.

Durable, Heavy Duty Nylon Construction

Made from durable, heavy duty 1.2 inch wide nylon, this leash is thicker than standard leashes. It provides strength and sturdiness for excellent reliability and control of medium and large dogs during walks and training.

Take control of your dog walks with the Joytale Strong Short 18″ Dog Leash. Its superior comfort and control will make training your dog hassle-free.


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