The Perfect ID for Your Beloved Emotional Support Animal


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Introducing the new Just 4 Paws Custom Emotional Support Animal ID Card – your pet’s ticket to accompanying you everywhere you need to go. This professionally designed ID card features your pet’s photo and key details, providing quick and easy verification of their status as an emotional support animal. Forget dealing with no-pet housing policies and questioning looks – this ID card makes it simple for your pet to gain access.

Unmatched Quality You Can Rely On

Printed on durable, tamper-resistant PVC composite plastic, this ID card utilizes the latest high-resolution photo printing technology to showcase your pet at their best. Your custom information and pet’s photo are sealed into the sturdy card at an ultra-sharp 600 DPI – ensuring every detail is crisp, clear, and vivid. The smooth, thin card easily fits into pockets and holders for easy access and display.

Full Fair Housing Act Protections

Under the Fair Housing Act, emotional support animals must be permitted in housing facilities despite a no-pet policy. This official ID card provides the documentation needed to ensure your pet can reside with you as prescribed by your medical professional. No more arguing with skeptical landlords or property managers – this card proves your rights.

Quick Online Verification via QR Code

The ID card features a unique QR code that links to your pet’s profile on the U.S. Service Dogs Registry website. Anyone can simply scan the code with their phone to instantly view your registration details, verifying that your animal is a legitimate emotional support pet. The Registry also provides you with a convenient digital ID accessible on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Custom Information Tailored Specifically for Your Pet

During checkout we will collect all details to fully customize your pet’s ID card. This includes your pet’s name, your name as the handler, address, phone number, and any other specifics that fit your needs. We will also provide a registration number for your pet which can be linked to your digital ID. Please look over all information carefully before submission to ensure accuracy.

The Perfect Pet Photo Makes All the Difference

Your pet’s photogenic smile is a key feature of this ID card. Be sure to upload a high quality, color photo showing your pet at their best. Close-up headshots work perfectly to showcase your pet’s adorable face. Please keep photos appropriate with no profanity or illegal content.

Added Security with Official Registry Seal

An official registration seal from the U.S. Service Dogs Registry is applied directly to the ID card. This color seal acts as a digital certificate to authenticate your pet’s registered status. The embedded seal provides greater security compared to holograms which tend to distort images. Heat-sealed onto the durable PVC card, this seal ensures maximum tamper-resistance.

Included ID Card Holder for Quick Access

Your pet’s ID comes complete with a sturdy holder that easily attaches to leashes, harnesses, vests and more. Made from durable material, this holder keeps your pet’s ID readily available for quick presentation to anyone who may question their access. Simply flash the ID card to avoid confrontations, clear up any confusion, and go about your day.

Compliant with TSA and ADA Regulations

These ID cards adhere to all regulations and requirements mandated by government agencies. The TSA views these cards as sufficient documentation for travel and public access with your emotional support animal. You can feel assured the ID was designed specifically to meet standards for ESAs.

Free Registration Included

Upon purchasing your pet’s ID card, we will create a complementary registration on the U.S. Service Dogs Registry. This provides further validity and online verification of your pet’s status. Registration happens automatically based on the custom information you provide.

Give Your Pet the ID They Deserve

Don’t settle for flimsy paperwork that fails to properly document your emotional support animal. With a Just 4 Paws Custom Emotional Support Animal ID Card, your pet will have proper identification indicating their significance to your health and wellbeing. This quality ID card gives your pet the ability to accompany you anywhere and everywhere – just as they should.


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