Take Your Pup on a Joyride with This Game-Changing No Pull Dog Harness


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Is walking your dog more of a drag than a joyride? Does your pooch constantly pull on the leash, making walks a chore rather than a fun bonding experience? We feel your frustration – but the days of being dragged down the street by an overexcited canine are over with the Joyride No-Pull Dog Harness. This revolutionary harness will have you both loving your daily strolls again in no time!

Our specially designed no-pull technology puts an end to your dog’s pulling by gently redirecting them back to your side if they start to forge ahead. The unique pressure points on the chest and behind the legs encourage pups to walk politely beside you without discomfort. We want to make loose leash walking a breeze, not a battle! The days of choke chains and prong collars are behind you thanks to the gentle guidance of the Joyride harness.

In addition to no-pull functionality, we loaded the Joyride with features to provide comfort, safety, and convenience for dogs and owners alike:

Customizable Name Tag

Personalize your pup’s harness with their name and your contact info so they’re easily identified if they ever get lost. The engraving also helps distinguish between multiple dogs in the home.

Glow in the Dark Logo

Even nighttime walks are safe with the harness’s reflective logo. Oncoming cars will spot you from a distance and give your pup a wide berth.

3 Leash Attachment Points

Connect the leash to the front O-ring for extra no-pull power, or on either side for a more relaxed fit. You’ve got options to suit every stroll.

Adjustable Straps

Find the perfect fit around your dog’s chest and neck with the customizable nylon straps and quick-release buckles. A snug yet comfy fit is key to responsive no-pull functionality.

Durable Construction

Made with super strong nylon material that can withstand years of use without fraying or tearing. Designed for dogs of all shapes, sizes and strengths.

Easy On/Off Design

Securing your dog in the harness takes seconds so you can get on the move more quickly. No more wrestling to get it over their head or tangled up in straps.

Padding for Comfort

Strategically placed padding relieves pressure points for pain-free walks. Your pooch will love the soft interior lining against their coat too.

Handy Control Handle

The sturdy webbing handle on the back gives you extra control over excited pups. Helpful for navigating crowded areas or providing stability to elderly or injured dogs.

In addition to the premium design and smart features, we also care about giving back. That’s why a portion of all Joyride Harness sales goes to dog welfare charities and shelters. We aim to spread a little puppy love wherever we can!

The Joyride No-Pull Dog Harness retails at $XX.XX and comes in 7 sizes to fit dogs from teacup Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Harnesses come in a choice of 10 stylish color combos like:

Black with neon green trim
Pink zebra print
Blue camo
Red plaid
Purple with silver accents

View the complete sizing chart below to find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Measure around the girth of their chest, right behind the front legs. Refer to our harness guide video if you need help with sizing.

Joyride Harness Sizing

X-Small: Chest 13″ – 18″ (up to 5 lbs)
Small: Chest 15″- 22″ (10 – 25 lbs)
Medium: Chest 19″- 27″ (30 – 60 lbs)
Large: Chest 23″ – 32″ (70 – 90 lbs)

X-Large: Chest 30″ – 42″ (90 – 120 lbs)
XX-Large: Chest 36″ – 50″ (110 – 150 lbs)
XXX-Large: Chest 44″ – 59″ (120 – 200 lbs)

We’re sure your dog will love strolling by your side in comfort and style with their new Joyride Harness. No more being dragged down the street or embarrassed by your dog’s bad leash manners. Just an easy, enjoyable walk for both of you.

Take your pup on a Joyride today and transform the way you hit the sidewalk together!


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