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Tired of being dragged around by your dog on walks? Struggling to maintain control of large or powerful breeds? Searching for a leash that can withstand daily use without fraying or breaking? The Leashboss Dog Leash is the ultimate leash for taking control of walks with dogs of all sizes.

This heavy duty leash features a comfortable padded handle and durable nylon webbing to give you the strength, control and comfort you need to walk your dog safely and enjoyably.

Key Features

Ultra Comfortable Grip

The Leashboss handle is made with two layers of padded neoprene for unmatched comfort. The soft, cushy padding protects your hands from painful chafing and blisters during long walks. Maintain a firm, no-slip grip without hand strain, even when controlling large powerful dogs that pull.

Superior Strength & Durability

Constructed from two layers of 1-inch wide nylon webbing and high-strength poly-bonded threading, this leash is built to last through years of daily use. The heavy-duty design withstands pulling, chewing, and exposure to the elements. It won’t fray, stretch out, or snap like cheaper leashes.

Reflective Threading for Safety

Three reflective striped channels run the full length of the leash to maximize visibility on early morning or night walks. You and your dog will stand out to vehicles in low light conditions, keeping you both safe and secure.

Variety of Colors & Patterns

Available in a range of stylish colors and fun patterns, you can find the perfect leash to match your dog’s personality. Complete the look with a matching Leashboss collar and harness for head-to-toe style.

Backed by Our Boss Promise

We stand firmly behind the quality of our leashes. Our Boss Promise provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects, damage, chewing accidents and more – so you can purchase worry-free.

Take Control of Your Walks

Do you dread taking your dog for walks because he pulls relentlessly, leaving your arm sore? Do you struggle to hold back a powerful large breed dog from lunging after squirrels? The Leashboss Dog Leash gives you superior strength and control to make walking your dog easy and enjoyable again.

The padded handle lets you maintain a comfortable, ergonomic grip without painful chafing or hand fatigue. The leash won’t rip through your hands even if you have a 100lb dog that tends to pull and lunge unexpectedly.

The strong nylon webbing offers added control so you can easily rein your dog back from chasing wildlife or other distractions. The 6ft length gives your dog freedom to explore and sniff while keeping them close by your side.

Built Tough for Daily Use

Regular leashes just can’t withstand the rigors of daily walks, quickly fraying and snapping from the strain. The Leashboss Dog Leash is made from heavy-duty double-layered nylon engineered for longevity.

The abrasion-resistant nylon webbing handles the outdoor elements – sun, rain, snow. It won’t fray or tear, even when exposed to dirt, sand and your dog’s claws.

The industrial strength poly-bonded threading seamlessly connects the handle to the leash so it won’t snap under pressure. Your leash will last for years of walks, outings, training and more.

Maximum Visibility for Safety

Early morning and evening walks often mean poor visibility. Protect yourself and your dog with the Leashboss reflective leash.

The 3M reflective striping reflects light to provide 360° visibility to oncoming cars, cyclists and pedestrians in low-light conditions. Both you and your dog will be noticeable from up to 1,000 feet away.

The reflective threads run the full length of the leash so you remain visible when your dog is exploring the full 6ft range. Now you can walk stress-free in dawn, dusk or nighttime hours.

Fun, Fashionable Styles

Who says dog leashes have to be boring? The Leashboss Dog Leash comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can show off your dog’s style on your daily walks.

Choose from classic colors like black, blue, red, and pink or fun patterns like camo, plaid, and flower print. Find the perfect look to match your dog’s personality – or your own style!

For the complete head-to-tail outfit, pair your leash with a matching Leashboss collar, harness, ID tag, and more available in coordinated designs. Your pup will be thesharpest dressed at the dog park or around town.

Buy with Confidence

We stand so strongly behind the quality of our leashes that we provide a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects, damage, chewing accidents and more through our Boss Promise.

If your leash exhibits any manufacturer defects during the first year of ownership, we will replace it. We will also replace any leash damaged through everyday use – fraying, tearing, broken hardware – at no cost to you.

Even chewing damage from your dog is covered! Just send us proof of the damage and we’ll ship you a brand new replacement leash.

We want all our customers to be able to buy our leashes worry-free and feel confident they are making a solid investment built to last. If you are not completely satisfied with your Leashboss Leash, return it for a full refund.

Take control of your walks and train your dog safely with the comfortable padded grip, superior strength, and reflective visibility of the Leashboss Dog Leash!


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