Stylish Protective Sunglasses for Small Breed Dogs


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Let your small breed dog make a bold fashion statement and protect their eyes at the same time with these sleek sunglasses from Lewondr. Designed just for little pups, these sunglasses blend stylish good looks with practical UV protection.

The lightweight frames are made from a durable EVA and PC plastic blend in fun, bright colors. The lenses are crafted from shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant AC resin to safely shield your dog’s eyes. Not only do these lenses look cool, they provide 100% effective blocking of UVA and UVB rays.

You can take your tiny dog out for walks in any weather knowing their eyes are safe from harsh sunlight and glare. The lenses also form a barrier against wind, debris and other eye irritants.

An adjustable elastic strap ensures these sunglasses stay comfortably in place on your dog’s head. The chin strap prevents sliding and slipping so the glasses don’t get knocked off or need constant re-adjusting every few steps of your walk.

Double sponge padding around the lenses prevents uncomfortable rubbing and friction against your dog’s face. This allows your dog to wear their new sunglasses for extended periods without skin irritation. The lightweight 1.27 ounce frames won’t feel heavy or cumbersome either.

Not only are these sunglasses functional for eye protection when outside, they make the perfect photo prop for your fashionable pup. Dress your dog up for birthdays, holidays or everyday cute photo ops. The glasses come in a range of bright, funky colors like blue, brown, black, pink, purple and more.

It’s easy to find the right size for your extra small or small breed dog. These sunglasses are designed to fit petite pups with a head circumference of 20-32cm and lower jaw circumference of 17-24cm. Here are some specific breeds the glasses are sized for:

Yorkshire Terrier
Shih Tzu
Boston Terrier
French Bulldog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
And many more tiny dog breeds! Just measure your dog’s head and neck to ensure the best fit. The adjustable strap also allows you to tweak the snugness as needed.

Gone are the days of having to squint on bright sunny walks. Now your small pup can stroll along in shady UV-blocking style with these protective doggy sunglasses. The fashionable, fun colors and designs will make sure strangers stop and compliment your dog’s cool new look.

But these aren’t just a cutesy costume accessory. The durable resin lenses and 100% UV protection give your dog’s eyes vital defense against the sun’s glare and rays during outdoor activities. No more worrying about your light-eyed dog straining or squinting on walks.

The lightweight, flexible frames are made to fit comfortably with no unpleasant rubbing thanks to the soft sponge padding. Your dog can barely feel them on their head. But you’ll feel much better knowing your dog’s vision is safeguarded.

While so many stylish sunglasses options are made just for humans, now your petite pup can also ride the designer eyewear trend in their own size. Keep your small dog’s peepers looking sharp while shielding them from bright sun, wind and debris with these Lewondr sunglasses for dogs.

Your pup will turn heads in these fashionable and functional doggy sunglasses that blend chic style with UV protection. The durable resin lenses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays while the flexible frames and chin strap provide a custom, no-slip fit.

Let your dog strut their stuff in stylish sunglasses designed just for small breed pups. Order this eye-catching and eye-protecting accessory for your fashionable fur baby today!


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