Stylish & Durable Jonathan Adler Bargello Dog Bowl for Food or Water


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Keep your pup stylish while dining with the Bargello Duo Dog Bowl from Now House for Pets by Jonathan Adler. This charming yellow ceramic dog bowl brings high fashion designer looks to your furry friend’s mealtimes.
Officially licensed by Now House for Pets, this Jonathan Adler dog bowl delivers the designer’s signature midcentury modern style at an affordable everyday price point. The petite 4.5-inch size is perfectly portioned for smaller dog breeds.

Crafted from durable stoneware ceramic, the dog food bowl is glazed in a vibrant saffron yellow hue. The mod scalloped design encircling the rim adds a playful pop of geometric pattern.

This Jonathan Adler dog bowl can multitask as either a food bowl or water bowl for dogs. The smooth concave interior makes it easy for pups to access every last morsel and droplet. An adorable bargello wave detail adorns the base.

The glazed ceramic material is non-porous so it won’t absorb food debris and bacteria. Just pop it in the dishwasher for quick and hygienic cleaning between uses. No need for constant hand washing.

Give your small dog a stylish feeding experience with this midcentury modern Jonathan Adler dog bowl. The durable ceramic construction and sealed glaze ensure this bowl will last through years of daily use.

Keep reading for more details on the features and benefits of the Jonathan Adler Bargello Duo Dog Bowl for little pups.

Designer Pet Collection from Jonathan Adler

Now House for Pets teamed up with iconic designer Jonathan Adler to create a line of home accessories sized for furry friends.
The collection includes fashion-forward styles that add a designer flair to your pet’s space. Jonathan Adler is known for his whimsical midcentury and groovy pop designs.

This officially licensed Jonathan Adler ceramic dog bowl channels the designer’s signature aesthetic. Your small dog can dine in style with this posh pet bowl.

Browse the full Now House by Jonathan Adler collection to find coordinating food mats, treat jars, leashes and more. Mix and match to create a fashionable pet dining space.

Durable Stoneware Ceramic Construction

The Jonathan Adler Bargello dog bowl is crafted from durable glazed stoneware ceramic. This materials provides a sturdy, high-quality bowl that will last through years of daily use.
The stoneware ceramic is fired at high temperatures to produce a non-porous finish that won’t crack or warp with frequent washing. It’s even safe to pop in the dishwasher for no-hassle cleaning.

Many low-cost pet bowls are made from plastic or thin porcelain prone to cracks and stains over time. This dog bowl is made from thicker stoneware that stands up better to your pup’s chomping or pushing it around the kitchen floor.

The smooth glazed finish also prevents bacteria buildup between uses. Your dog’s bowl stays cleaner and more hygienic.

With proper care, this Jonathan Adler ceramic bowl will maintain its vibrant color and structurally integrity to become a long-lasting staple in your pet dining space.

Modern Geometric Details

This dog bowl features Jonathan Adler’s signature midcentury modern style with groovy geometric details.
Around the rim, a series of yellow scalloped edges creates a playful movement reminiscent of ocean waves. Inside the bowl, a purple bargello zig-zag pattern adds another layer of retro-inspired flair.

The mod geometric elements give this everyday dog bowl a dose of Jonathan Adler’s lively design aesthetic. The bright poppy hue and fun shapes make mealtime more exciting for your pet.

Mix and match with other bowls in different colorways like pink or light blue to create a vibrant modern dining set. Coordinate with additional Now House by Jonathan Adler pet products to design a fashionable feeding station.

Portion Control for Little Dogs

The Bargello Duo Dog Bowl measures 4.5 inches across, making it well-suited for petite dog breeds.
The small size helps properly portion out food to prevent overeating. Fill the bowl with your dog’s daily allotted amount of kibble. Since the bowl is shallow, your pup can easily access all the contents without leaving anything to waste at the bottom.

For toy and small dog breeds like Chihuahuas or Yorkies, this perfectly sized bowl allows you to monitor proper feeding. The bright color also makes it easy to quickly notice when your dog has finished a meal.

The bowl provides the same portion control for water. The shallow depth prevents spills as your little dog laps up water throughout the day.

For larger dogs, choose the medium or large Bargello bowls to match your pup’s higher food intake needs.

Multipurpose Bowl for Food and Water

This versatile Jonathan Adler ceramic dog bowl pulls double duty for serving both food and water.
Use it to provide dry or wet dog food at mealtimes. The vibrant glazed interior makes it easy to see when the bowl needs refilling or rinsing.

Put out a fresh bowl of water daily or refill it more frequently to give your pup access to hydration around the clock. The petite size is less likely to get knocked over or slosh water everywhere.

The smooth concave shape allows dogs to easily lap water from any angle. And it’s just deep enough to provide a sufficient supply of water for hours.

Having a designated bowl just for water helps prevent the spread of foodborne bacteria into the drinking supply. Simply wash the bowl with soap and hot water in between switching from wet food to water.

Easy Maintenance

The Jonathan Adler Bargello dog bowl requires minimal effort to keep clean and sanitary for your pet.
The durable glazed ceramic is non-porous so it doesn’t easily trap food debris and bacteria. After mealtime, simply pick up any leftover bits and rinse the bowl.

For a deeper clean, just pop the bowl straight into the dishwasher. The ceramic material can withstand high heat washing and detergent without damage. Let the dishwasher do the hard work!

It’s important to regularly wash your dog’s eating vessels to prevent the spread of germs and contamination of their food. This bowl makes it easy with hassle-free dishwasher cleaning.

Occasional hand washing with warm soapy water also keeps the bowl sparkling. Avoid abrasive scrubbers that could scratch the glazed surface over time.

Stylish Designer Style for Pets

Pamper your small pup with designer style while dining and drinking from this Jonathan Adler ceramic dog bowl.
The mod geometric shapes and bright sunshiny hue give this basic pet essential a boost of fashionable flair. Elevate your pet dining space with the addition of this artful Jonathan Adler bowl.

Now House for Pets teamed up with the iconic home decor guru to bring quality and trendy style to everyday pet products. Your four-legged friend deserves stylish accessories too!

Bring high-end midcentury modern design into your pet’s world with this durable and dishwasher-safe Jonathan Adler Bargello ceramic dog bowl.


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