Rawhide-Free Cod Sticks Wrapped in Chicken


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Give your furry friend the gift of healthy, natural treats they’ll love with Pawmate Chicken Wrapped Cod Sticks Dog Treats. These grain and rawhide free chews provide a tasty, nutritious snack that supports your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

At the heart of these treats are cod sticks sourced sustainably from the deep sea. Cod is naturally high in protein and low in fat, providing a digestible, filler-free chew. The cod sticks are wrapped in real chicken for enticing flavor your dog will crave. Unlike rawhide chews that can be difficult to break down, these cod sticks are easier on your dog’s stomach.

We use only all-natural, wholesome ingredients in these treats. You won’t find any artificial colors, preservatives, or additives. Our strict standards ensure the safety and quality of every ingredient. The chicken, cod, and taurine have all passed thorough inspections so you can feel confident giving these chews to your pet.

Taurine is an especially important addition. This vital amino acid offers anti-inflammatory effects to soothe your dog’s joints. It also supports cardiovascular health for a happy, healthy heart. The 1.0% taurine content helps make sure your dog’s body gets this crucial compound.

Chewing provides more than just a tasty treat for dogs. It’s an important activity that relieves anxiety, satisfies their natural urge to chew, and prevents destructive behaviors like furniture biting. As your dog chews on these natural cod sticks, they’ll also reap important dental benefits. Chewing scrapes away plaque and tartar buildup while stimulating gums and promoting better overall dental health.

These grain and rawhide free chews make an amazing training treat or reward for your precious pup. After a session of commands, tricks, or other training, reward your dog with one of these mouthwatering chicken wrapped cod sticks. They’ll be even more excited for their next chance to train and bond with you. Strengthen your relationship while also improving their training success.

Dog parents love the ingredient quality and health benefits of these chicken wrapped cod stick chews. Here’s what real customers have to say:

“My dog loves these! He gets so excited when he sees me grab the bag. I feel good giving him these chews because the ingredients are natural and healthy.” – Maya S.

“So much better than rawhide chews. These cod sticks keep my heavy chewer entertained for a while and I don’t worry about digestive issues.” – James R.

“I have a smaller dog so I love that these sticks can be broken into smaller pieces. This allows me to make them last longer than big rawhide chews.” – Amanda D.

Give your dog a mouthwatering chew that satisfies their chewing urge while also providing nutritional benefits with Pawmate Chicken Wrapped Cod Sticks Dog Treats. These natural, wholesome treats contain no grains, rawhide, or artificial additives – just real food ingredients your dog will love. Reward your furry friend today with these healthy, protein-packed cod stick chews.


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