Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls – The Perfect Solution for Fast Eaters!


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Do you have a dog that scarfs down their food in seconds flat? Does your furry friend suffer from nausea, vomiting, or bloating after mealtimes? If so, the Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls are just what you and your pooch need!

Specially Designed to Slow Down Fast Eaters

The Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls have a unique design that effectively slows down fast eaters. The bowl has raised obstacles that your dog has to eat around. This helps prevent them from gobbling down their food too quickly, which can lead to a number of health issues. Eating too fast doesn’t allow dogs to properly chew their food. When they swallow large chunks of kibble, it can cause stomach discomfort, vomiting, and even the life-threatening condition bloat.

By slowing down your dog’s eating speed, the Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls promote better digestion and keep your pup feeling their best after meals. No more tummy troubles or nasty cleanups – just happy and healthy dogs!

3-in-1 Multi-Function Design

The Pecute Slow Feeder isn’t just an ordinary dog bowl – it’s actually 3 products in 1! Here’s what you get:

  • Slow feeder bowl – 13.5oz capacity
  • Stainless steel water bowl – 13.5oz capacity
  • Non-skid silicone mat

The bone-shaped silicone mat acts as an anti-overflow base for the stainless steel and slow feeding bowls. It keeps your floors protected from spills and stray kibble. No more worrying about watery messes while your pup drinks!

The two bowls can be used together for food and water. Or use them separately around the house. Wherever you need a spill-proof feeding station, the Pecute Slow Feeder has you covered.

Safe, Non-Toxic Materials

The Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls are constructed from 100% food-grade silicone and 201 stainless steel. You never have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your dog’s food.

Silicone is tasteless, odorless, BPA-free, and heat-resistant up to 428°F. It’s also incredibly easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The stainless steel bowl is rust-resistant for lasting use.

Give your dog safe, non-toxic bowls that support their health and happiness at mealtimes. The Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls are made with your pet’s wellbeing in mind.

Anti-Slip & Spill-Proof Design

The silicone mat provides an anti-slip surface to keep your dog’s bowls firmly in place. No more pushing, shoving, or spilling their food and water!

The raised outer edge also catches any stray food or overflow from an overzealous drinker. With the Pecute Slow Feeder, messy floors are a thing of the past.

Whether your dog is a messy eater or an excitable drinker, this slow feeding bowl keeps mealtime neater for pets and owners.

Compact, Portable & Easy to Clean

The Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls assemble neatly together for compact storage. Each bowl stacks inside the silicone mat, reducing clutter in your cabinets.

Take the bowls apart or use them together while traveling. The foldable design is ideal for RVing, camping, or visits to the dog park. Wherever you and your pup go, the Pecute Slow Feeder can go too!

Best of all, every component is completely dishwasher safe. Or if you prefer to hand wash, the bowls release from the silicone base for quick cleaning. Mealtime messes and cleanup are no match for this slow feeding bowl.

Customer Reviews

With nearly 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that pet owners love the Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls! Read what fellow customers have to say:

“This slow feeder is perfect for my golden retriever who tends to eat too fast and then throw up afterward. Now it takes her a full 15-20 minutes to finish her food instead of 2 minutes. It’s also helped reduce her vomiting and nausea after eating. I highly recommend for fast eaters!” – Lauren R.

“I have a very enthusiastic eater that inhales his food in seconds flat. The Pecute Slow Feeder has made mealtimes so much better and calmer for my food-motivated corgi. It slows him down to a reasonable pace. No more barfing up undigested kibble shortly after!” – Brian S.

“Love this slow feeder bowl! My cat used to throw up her food after gobbling it down too quickly. This bowl has ridges that force her to eat slower. It’s also nice that it comes with a water bowl and anti-slip mat. Saves me a ton of clean up!” – Amanda D.

Buy With Confidence

The Pecute Slow Feeder Dog Bowls make mealtimes safer, cleaner, and stress-free for pets and pet parents. Control your dog’s eating speed, prevent vomiting and bloating, and say goodbye to messy floors!

With a 4.7/5 star rating out of over 4,300 reviews, customers agree this is one of the best slow feed dog bowls on the market. The quality and design simply can’t be beat.

Plus, it’s backed by Pecute’s lifetime money-back guarantee for complete buyer satisfaction. They stand behind their innovative product 100%.

Give your fast eater the Pecute advantage at mealtimes! Slow them down to a healthy pace and enjoy cleaner floors after chow time. Place your order today and start improving your dog’s digestion and behavior at meals. Your pup will thank you!


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