Pawfit 3s: Live GPS Pet Tracker with 30 Day Battery


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Keep Your Furry Friend Safe and Give Yourself Peace of Mind with the Pawfit 3s GPS Pet Tracker

As pet owners, we want to provide the best care for our furry friends. A big part of that is keeping them safe, whether at home or out exploring. But even the most responsible pet parent can’t watch their dog or cat every second of the day. That’s why the Pawfit 3s GPS pet tracker is such an invaluable tool for monitoring your pet’s location and activity.

With live tracking, unlimited range, and up to 30 days of battery life per charge, the Pawfit 3s gives you an extra set of eyes on your pet when they’re off leash or roaming the neighborhood. And with features like escape alerts, voice recall, and built-in lights, it provides added protection if your pet ever does go missing.

Key Features of the Pawfit 3s GPS Pet Tracker:

Live Tracking and Unlimited Range: The Pawfit 3s has a built-in SIM card that sends real-time GPS location updates over the LTE-M cellular network. As long as your pet is within an AT&T coverage area, you can view their location in the app from anywhere. No line-of-sight limitations like Bluetooth trackers.

Up to 30 Days Battery Life: A full charge gives you up to a month of battery life, thanks to intelligent power-saving algorithms. Actual battery life depends on usage and signal strength, but either way you get significantly more monitoring time between charges compared to most other pet trackers.

IP68 Waterproof: With waterproof construction up to 9.8 ft deep for 30 minutes, the Pawfit 3s handles all of your pet’s aquatic adventures. Whether they’re splashing in puddles, swimming, or caught in the rain, you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Activity Monitoring: The built-in 3-axis accelerometer tracks your pet’s daily steps, distance traveled, playtime duration and more. Gain helpful insight into their exercise and activity patterns.

Voice Recall: If your pet wanders too far, use the 2-way audio feature to provide voice cues to guide them back home. The sound detection sensor picks up your voice when you call your pet’s name in the app.

Built-In Light: The tracker has a built-in LED flashlight you can remotely activate from the app. Useful for improving your pet’s visibility at night or signaling their location.

Escape Alerts: Receive instant notifications if your pet leaves a designated safe zone that you set up as a geofence. Know immediately if they sneak out so you can take quick action.

Location History: Review your pet’s location history and see exactly where they’ve been over any timeframe. Helpful for tracing steps if your pet goes missing or identifying favorite neighborhood spots.

Why Every Pet Parent Needs a Pawfit 3s:

Providing your cat or dog with more independence and exercise by letting them roam outside comes with inherent risks. Even pets who are normally well-behaved may succumb to temptation and wander farther than they should if something catches their interest. And escape artists can slip collars and find ways to sneak out surprisingly quickly when you least expect it. Without a way to track their location, you won’t know your pet is missing until it’s too late.

The Pawfit 3s GPS pet tracker brings confidence for both you and your pet. Let your dog enjoy off-leash hikes, trips to the dog park, or backyard playtime without constantly hovering over them. Give your adventurous cat space to explore the outdoors and satisfy their curiosity safely. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can check your pet’s location anytime.

If disaster does strike and your pet goes missing, you’ll have the best chance of recovering them swiftly when every minute counts. See exactly when and where they escaped so you can immediately start searching in the right spot. Enlist friends and neighbors to help canvas the area efficiently. And use the Pawfit’s voice cues and flashing light to help coax your pet back once you’ve tracked them down.

For elderly pets or those with medical conditions, the activity tracking feature helps you make sure they’re getting adequate daily activity to stay healthy. You’ll also be alerted about possible emergencies if their activity patterns change abruptly. And knowing your pet’s location prevents accidentally locking them outside or leaving them behind somewhere.

Strays and shelters pets benefit tremendously too. When introducing a newly adopted pet to your home and surroundings, the Pawfit 3s allows them to acclimate at their own pace while keeping them safely within designated boundaries.

Simple to Set Up and Use:

Getting started with the Pawfit 3s takes just minutes:

Download the Pawfit app for iOS or Android and create your account
Charge the included Pawfit 3s tracker via USB cable until fully powered up
Attach the Pawfit securely to your pet’s collar or harness
Pair the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth
Activate LTE service and customize settings like safe zones and activity alerts
With no complex training or setup procedures, you can start monitoring your pet in no time. The app’s intuitive menus make it easy to find all the tracking tools and safety features at a glance. Location updates are viewed right on the map, along with your pet’s name, battery level, and photo. Tap for additional stats and options.

The lightweight, compact Pawfit 3s attaches to existing collars up to 1.2 inches wide in seconds. Just slide it onto the collar like a tag, with the replaceable battery pointing up. No collar modifications needed.

Always know your pet’s needs are cared for with 24/7 customer support via phone, email or live chat. Get assistance with all setup steps and any questions that come up. Additional apps allow sharing location access with family members such as kids, dog walkers, and pet sitters.

Unbeatable Value and Reliability:

Priced at around $100, the Pawfit 3s provides tremendous functionality and reliability for the investment. There are no hidden fees or complex pricing tiers. LTE connectivity starts at just $4.75/month for basic tracking features. Go month-to-month or save more on 12-month and 24-month prepaid plans.

Compare that to $15 monthly or higher for plans from some competitors. Plus, the Pawfit 3s delivers longer battery life and unlimited nationwide range for total flexibility.

From design and engineering to manufacturing, Pawfit maintains rigorous standards and testing at every stage. Their goal is not just great tech, but great tech that holds up to real-world, everyday use. That commitment to quality ensures the Pawfit 3s will provide protection you can count on when it matters most.

Rest easy knowing where your furry family members are and that they’re safe with Pawfit GPS pet trackers. Your pets deserve the freedom to roam and explore. You deserve peace of mind.


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