Paw Brothers Grooming Comb for Dogs & Cats


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Keep your furry friend looking their best with the Paw Brothers Grooming Comb. This professional quality comb is designed to gently detangle knots and remove loose hair from your pet’s coat. The rounded stainless steel pins glide smoothly through fur without pulling or scratching, making grooming easier for both you and your pet.

Pet Grooming Made Easy

Designed with comfort in mind, the Paw Brothers Grooming Comb features a non-slip grip that allows you to brush continuously without hand strain. The durable construction stands up to regular use for long-lasting performance. Keep your dog or cat well-groomed in between professional grooming appointments with this high quality comb.

Benefits of Regular Brushing

Regularly brushing your pet helps remove dead hair, spreads natural oils, and stimulates blood circulation for a healthy coat. Brushing also helps prevent matting and knots from forming, avoids tangles, and makes their coat soft and shiny. Your pet will love the soothing massage of daily brushing sessions.

Feature Highlights

  • Stainless Steel Pins – Rounded tips gently work through fur without irritation.
  • Non-Slip Grips – Comfortable handle for continuous brushing sessions.
  • Durable Construction – Built to withstand regular use.
  • Professional Quality – Salon standard for at-home grooming.

How to Use

Start at the head and work down the body in the direction of fur growth. Gently brush small sections at a time, beginning at the ends of the hair and working up to the roots. Pay extra attention to problem areas prone to tangles, such as ears, legs, and tail. Regular brushing sessions will keep your pet’s coat healthy, soft, and mat-free.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We proudly stand behind our grooming products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our comb for any reason, please contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Key Features:

  • Gently detangles knots and removes loose hair
  • Rounded stainless steel pins prevent scratching
  • Non-slip grip for comfortable brushing sessions
  • Durable professional quality construction
  • Stimulates circulation for a healthy coat
  • Prevents matting and tangles from forming
  • Makes fur soft, shiny, and smooth
  • Easy to clean – simply rinse under water
  • Designed for dogs and cats
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Treat your furry friend to a professional quality grooming experience in the comfort of home with the Paw Brothers Comb. Order today to keep your pet looking their very best!


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