Patio Pacific Adjustable Cat Door Insert for Horizontal Sliding Windows | Easy Pet Access with Locking Security Panel


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Does your curious cat or small dog long to explore the great outdoors? Do they meow or scratch at doors and windows, eager to come and go as they please? With the Patio Pacific Adjustable Cat Door Insert, you can finally grant your furry friend their wish for independence and adventure! This ingenious pet door installs easily into your existing horizontal sliding windows, allowing your pets safe, convenient outdoor access day or night.

Adjustable to Fit Various Window Sizes

The Patio Pacific pet door features an adjustable frame that can accommodate horizontal sliding windows of different heights and widths. The door itself measures just 5-1/8″ x 8-1/4″, ideal for cats and small dog breeds. Adjust the telescoping frame to fit snugly within your window opening 43”-46” high. Secure metal screws hold the frame firmly in place.

Durable Aluminum and Vinyl Construction

Built to last, the pet door frame is crafted from sturdy aluminum with a baked enamel finish that resists rust, scratches, and wear. The flap itself is made of flexible vinyl, providing insulation against drafts and weather. The flap material is also lightweight, ensuring your pets have an easy time pushing through it from either direction.

Added Security with Locking Panel

Want to control when your pets come and go? This pet door includes a press-fit locking cover that slides right onto the flap. Engage the lock and only you can decide when the door is open for business! The lockable panel adds peace of mind, preventing stray animals from inviting themselves in and keeping your pets safe indoors when you’re away.

Installation in Minutes with No Tools

Say goodbye to complex installation! This pet door is designed for hassle-free diy setup in rentals or vacation homes. There’s no cutting or screws required for your window frame. Just remove the screen, adjust the telescoping frame to fit, and slide locking screws into place by hand – no tools needed. Enjoy a custom pet door in minutes!

Gives Your Pets Freedom and Comfort

Patio Pacific knows pets want access to fresh air and exciting sights and smells. This pet door insert provides that freedom, allowing your cats and small dogs to come and go at will from the safety of home. The durable vinyl flap is lightweight and flexible, making it easy for your pets to push through from either side. Give your furry friends the independence they crave!

Weatherproof Design

The snug fit and vinyl flap provide protection from drafts, wind, rain and weather. For even greater insulation, apply weatherstripping tape around the edges of the frame. Keep the cold air outside where it belongs this winter, while allowing your pets warm indoor access. Freedom plus energy savings!

Say Goodbye to Litter Box Headaches

Tired of constantly cleaning the litter box? Now your cat can take care of business outdoors, reducing unwanted odors and messes inside. Give your feline relief and your home a break from the litter box routine.

No More Accidents for Dogs

For small dogs, pet door access means always having a place to go potty. No more worrying about late nights or when you’re away at work. Just let them out the pet door! Make your life simpler while keeping your floors clean.

Perfect for Apartments and Rentals

Want pet door convenience but hesitate to make permanent changes to your rental home? This insert-style door requires zero alteration to window frames, making it ideal for apartments, condos and temporary housing. Enjoy the benefits without headaches when moving out!

Give your furry companions the gift of independence with the easy, affordable Patio Pacific Adjustable Cat Door Insert. Order yours today and see just how quickly your pets master their new pet door!


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