PAPIFEED Automatic Cat Food Dispenser Keeps Your Feline Friend Fed and Healthy


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Tired of your cat’s incessant meowing when it’s time to eat? Do you worry about getting home late and missing your cat’s feeding time? Introducing the PAPIFEED Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, the perfect solution for busy pet owners who want to keep their feline friends fed on schedule. This innovative wi-fi enabled cat feeder allows you to program automated, portion controlled feedings from your smartphone, so you can rest assured your cat is eating right, even when you’re not there.

With the easy to use “Smart Life” app, you can set up scheduled feedings tailored to your cat’s needs – 1 to 10 portions per day. The app allows you to track feeding history and share access with family members too. If your cat is feeling extra hungry, you can even manually release additional portions with just a tap on your phone.

This automatic cat feeder also has a slow feeder mode which helps prevent your cat from scarfing down food too quickly. By dispensing smaller portions over time, it promotes healthier eating habits and prevents indigestion or vomiting from eating too fast.

Don’t worry about power outages interrupting scheduled feedings. This cat feeder has a battery backup to keep portions dispensing even if the power goes out. And thanks to the built-in memory, feedings continue on schedule even if wi-fi gets disconnected.

The removable stainless steel bowl is easy to detach and clean, preventing bacteria buildup. It’s even dishwasher safe for ultra convenient cleaning.

With Alexa integration, you can use voice commands to feed your cat using compatible Echo devices. Customize voice commands and portion sizes for voice-activated feeding from anywhere in your home.

The large 3.5L capacity holds up to 15 cups of dry food, enough to feed your cat for weeks at a time. The airtight lid and moisture absorbing packs keep food fresh for the long haul. The clear window lets you monitor food levels at a glance.

The chew-proof power cord is reinforced to withstand curious cats who may try nibbling. No more worrying about your cat damaging the cord!

For even more customization, you can set up automated schedules tailored to different scenarios. For example, program the feeder to dispense an extra meal if the weather turns cold.

PAPIFEED stands behind this automatic cat feeder with a 1 year warranty and lifetime customer support. Questions or issues? Their helpful customer service team will respond within 24 hours to get you and your cat back on track.

Give your cat consistently timed, portion controlled meals and peace of mind, even when you’re away, with the PAPIFEED Wi-Fi Enabled Automatic Cat Feeder. Order today and take the hassle out of pet feeding!


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