Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Paw Balm – Moisturizing Relief for Your Pup’s Dry, Rough Paws


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Is your dog limping around the house? Do they constantly lick or chew their paws? Dry, cracked paw pads are painful and can cause major discomfort for your furry friend. Don’t let their paws suffer a moment longer! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Paw Balm provides soothing relief and repairs dry, rough paws.

Formulated with rich, natural ingredients like cocoa butter, vitamin E, peppermint oil and shea butter, this balm deeply moisturizes and conditions. Massaging it into paws helps restore soft, supple skin and pads. The easy twist-up stick allows you to smoothly apply the balm directly onto your dog’s paws without getting your hands messy.

Soothes and Repairs Dry, Rough Paws

The hydrating blend of emollients penetrates deeply to restore moisture, repair cracked pads and soften rough skin. So when you see your pup limping around the house, don’t wait – reach for the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Paw Balm to provide soothing relief fast.

Made with Natural Ingredients

You want the very best for your four-legged friend. This balm contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates or gluten. Instead, it relies on natural ingredients like:

Cocoa Butter – A rich moisturizer that softens and conditions skin. The concentrated cream melts at body temperature to seal in moisture.

Vitamin E – This antioxidant helps repair damage caused by environmental aggressors. It also blocks free radicals to prevent further damage.

Peppermint Oil – Soothes dry, itchy skin with its refreshing, cooling sensation. Also has antibacterial properties to prevent infection.

Shea Butter – Intensely moisturizes with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Softens and smoothes rough, cracked pads.

Give your pup spa-like pampering at home with these natural ingredients. The paraben-free formula is gentle enough for everyday use.

Trusted Brand Since 1840

For over 175 years, Palmer’s has specialized in using natural ingredients to care for skin. The Palmer’s brand offers lotions, creams, oils and more to provide effective solutions for common skin care needs.

Now pet owners can share the Palmer’s experience with their dogs! The same commitment to quality moisturizing formulations is infused in the Cocoa Butter Paw Balm.

You can feel confident relying on a brand that’s beenpassed down for generations. They have over a century of experience crafting plant-based skincare that works.

Simple Application for Mess-Free Use

The twist-up stick dispenses just the right amount, so you don’t have to dip your fingers into a greasy tub. No more messy tins to deal with!

Gently smooth it onto your dog’s paws as part of your grooming routine. Apply anytime their paws need some extra moisture and TLC.supervisor

The balm quickly absorbs without leaving behind greasy residue on their paws or your floors. Rub in a little after playtime or walks to prevent painful cracking and peeling.

Provide Soothing Relief for Your Pup’s Paws

Dry, cracked paw pads not only hurt, they can cause your dog discomfort anytime they walk or play. Severe cases can even lead to bleeding.

Don’t let your best friend suffer any longer! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Paw Balm repairs damaged skin, prevents further cracking and provides soothing relief.

See the difference for yourself! Order now and pamper your pup’s paws with deep moisturizing care.


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