Pad-Tough Protective Covering Spray for Pads – Toughens and Protects (4 fl oz)


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Keep your pads looking like new and protected from the elements with Pad-Tough Protective Covering Spray. This innovative formula creates a durable, transparent barrier that shields pads against moisture, UV rays, and other environmental damage. Just a few spritzes of this easy-to-apply spray preserves pad integrity and appearance.

Pad-Tough dries quickly to form an invisible yet rugged covering that does not alter pad texture or usability. Pads maintain full tactile sensitivity and traction with the ground while benefiting from advanced reinforcement.

Toughens Pads for Enhanced Durability

The unique formulation of Pad-Tough penetrates deep into pad fibers to physically strengthen and reinforce. Pads become more resistant to rips, tears, and abrasions even with rough use. No need to baby your pads – Pad-Tough infuses next-level toughness so pads can withstand more rigorous activity.

Protects Against Moisture, Mud, and More

Pad-Tough creates an impenetrable barrier that prevents moisture, mud, and debris from compromising pads. Precipitation beads up and rolls right off instead of saturating fibers. Dirt, grass, and other contaminants can’t grab hold thanks to the slick, frictionless finish. Pads stay drier and cleaner with this invisible shield.

Guards Against UV Rays

The sun’s harsh UV rays can accelerate aging and degradation of pads. Pad-Tough reflects and scatters UV radiation to prevent photodamage. Pads maintain their vibrancy and integrity for longer – no more premature fading or cracking.

Does Not Alter Pad Feel or Traction

Pad-Tough soaks into pads without altering natural suppleness or tackiness. Pads retain the same “broken-in” feel and flexibility after application. Traction against the ground remains uncompromised. Players can move with confidence knowing pads grip and flex like normal during play.

Simple Spray-On Application

Applying Pad-Tough takes just seconds. Simply hold the can 8-10 inches from pads and spray a light, even coat. The non-stick finish activates upon application. Reapply as needed to maintain protection.

Safe Formula Won’t Harm Pads

Pad-Tough contains no harsh chemicals that could degrade or discolor pads. The proprietary mix of polymers and waxes is completely safe for all pad materials. Enjoy peace of mind knowing this spray preserves – not damages.

Lasts for Multiple Washes

One application of Pad-Tough lasts through countless pad washings. The durable coating withstands heavy-duty cleaning and high-agitation cycles. No need for frequent reapplication.

Give your pads a boost of protection on and off the field. Pad-Tough is a game-changing spray that locks in durability, shields against elements, and preserves pad performance. Order a can today to take your pads to the next level!


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