Oxyfresh Advanced Pet Breath Freshener Spray


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Is your furry friend’s breath a little too fresh? Do guests cringe when your pooch pants in their face? Does your kitty’s kisses make you gag? Bad pet breath can be more than just a nuisance- it’s often a sign of poor dental health that needs to be addressed. With Oxyfresh Advanced Pet Breath Freshener Spray, you can easily and safely banish bad breath and promote cleaner teeth and healthier gums for your pet.

Unlike other products that just mask odors temporarily, Oxyfresh uses effective yet gentle ingredients to actually eliminate the bacteria and germs that cause bad breath at the source. A quick spritz of this innovative spray into your pet’s mouth is all it takes to refresh even the foulest breath. The highly soluble formula gets deep into crevices, coatings, and gum lines to break up plaque buildup and stop halitosis in its tracks.

But Oxyfresh Advanced Pet Breath Freshener Spray is so much more than just a cosmetic coverup. By disinfecting your pet’s mouth and preventing plaque accumulation, it also helps maintain cleaner teeth and healthier gums. Poor dental hygiene can lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss, infections, and other oral health issues. So regular use of this spray is an easy way to avoid these problems and the discomfort, vet bills, anesthesia, and tooth extractions they entail. The gentle essential oils also help soothe irritated gums and strengthen tissue.

While disclosing tablets and tooth scaling help keep your pet’s teeth pearly white, getting pets to cooperate with brushing can be difficult or even dangerous. And human toothpastes, mouthwashes, disinfectants, and breath mints can contain ingredients that are toxic to animals like xylitol or harsh chemicals that damage their sensitive digestive system. Oxyfresh Advanced Pet Breath Freshener Spray was specially formulated to be completely safe and non-toxic for regular use on both dogs and cats.

The highly palatable formula contains no alcohol, artificial flavors, chemicals, or masking agents that could upset your pet’s stomach. And unlike other natural breath fresheners like cinnamon or mint, it has no strong taste or scent that could overwhelm your pet’s sensitive nose. So even the pickiest pooches and persnickety cats don’t seem to mind the spritz. Just add a quick spray to your pet’s water bowl, food, or directly into the mouth as part of your grooming routine. You’ll start to notice results after the first use, with fresher breath that lasts.

Oxyfresh Advanced Pet Breath Freshener Spray offers an easy, effective and above all safe way to say goodbye to smelly pet breath for good. No more embarrassment when guests cringe from puppy kisses! Give your faithful companions the fresh, clean mouth they deserve while also promoting better oral health and preventing disease. Both you and your pet will breathe easier knowing those adorable doggy grins and cute kitty nuzzles now come odor-free.


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