Ownpets Pet Hair Remover – Effortlessly Remove Pet Fur from Furniture, Car Seats, Carpets and More


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Tired of pet hair covering every surface in your home? vacuum cleaners just can’t seem to get all the fur out of fabric furniture and carpet. Introducing the revolutionary Ownpets Pet Hair Remover! This ingenious device quickly and easily removes pet fur from couches, chairs, beds, carpets, car interiors and more.

The secret is the reusable roller head. Just glide it back and forth over any surface and watch as it attracts and removes even the most stubborn pet hair. The soft rubber coating gently lifts fur from fabric without damaging delicate material. And the open weave fabric design traps loose hair inside so none falls out.

What you get with the Ownpets Pet Hair Remover:

  • 1 self-cleaning roller with ergonomic handle – gently removes pet fur and lint from any surface
  • 1 silicone fur scraper – gets into crevices and tight spaces the roller can’t reach
  • 1 cleaning base – removes all the fur from the roller with the push of a button


  • 100% reusable – just empty clippings and refresh roller for endless use. Way more economical than sticky sheets!
  • Animal & environmentally friendly – no sticky adhesive that could harm pets
  • Effortless use – glides smoothly over surfaces, traps hair quickly
  • Versatile – use on furniture, rugs, car seats, pet beds and houses, etc.
  • Easy cleaning – fur bin detaches from base, dump hair clippings in trash
  • Silent & smooth operation – quiet TPR rubber wheel rolls easily over surfaces

Tired of Vacuuming Every Day? Effortlessly Remove Pet Hair from:

Carpets & Rugs
Vacuums often can’t get all the pet fur out of carpets and rugs. The lint roller leaves carpet free of embedded fur that vacuum cleaners miss. Just roll it across carpet in all directions. The open weave fabric traps and lifts even stubborn, ground-in pet hair with no sticky residue left behind.

Upholstered Furniture
Pet hair gets deeply embedded in upholstered furniture like couches and chairs. Rolling the lint brush across fabric pulls up clingy fur in one easy step. No more sticky rollers that waste sheets and leave sticky residue on furniture. The reusable Ownpets roller keeps working over and over.

Pet Beds & Crates
Fido and Fluffy spend a lot of time in their beds and crates, leaving behind fur! Just pass the lint roller over pet bedding to get rid of hair. The rubber wheel gently lifts embedded fur from fabric without harming delicate materials.

Car Seats & Interiors
It’s inevitable – pet fur gets everywhere in cars! Remove hair and lint from cloth upholstery, floors, windows and more. The handle extends to easily reach tight spaces like crevices and pet booster seats. Get into hard-to-reach spots with the included silicone fur scraper.

Linens & Bedding
Pet fur on sheets, comforters and blankets is annoying! The Ownpets Pet Hair Remover quickly eliminates lint and hair from linens in just a few passes. Use it for everything from delicate quilts to heavy blankets.

Clothing & Accessories
Pet hair sticks to everything, including clothes, hats and bags. Quickly remove lingering fur and lint with just a pass or two over fabric. Save time removing pesky hairs by hand!

Clean-Up is a Breeze!
When the roller is full of pet hair, simply open the detachable bin, dump clippings in the trash and wipe away any remaining debris. Refresh the roller with a rinse or wet wipe to prep it for more use.

Choose the Ownpets Pet Hair Remover for quick, effective and reusable pet hair removal all around your home and car! Order yours today and say goodbye to annoying pet fur everywhere.


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