Ownpets 3L Quiet Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs


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Treat your feline friend to a refreshing drink of cool, filtered water with the Ownpets 3L Pet Drinking Fountain. Specially designed for cats and small dogs, this automatic water fountain continuously circulates and filters the water to keep it cooler and fresher for your pet.

Continuous Water Circulation Keeps Water Fresh

The included submersible pump circulates the water through an internal filtration system to oxygenate it and keep it tasting crisp. The constant circulation prevents the water from becoming stagnant, which can happen with traditional water bowls. Fresh water encourages your pet to drink more, supporting kidney function and urinary tract health.

Ultra-Quiet Pump Won’t Disturb Your Pet

With a low noise level of less than 30dB, the Ownpets fountain features an ultra-quiet pump that won’t disturb your pet or you. The near-silent operation allows the fountain to run day and night without any bothersome humming or buzzing. Your pet can enjoy fresh, filtered water anytime without disruption.

Dual Filtration System Keeps Water Clean

The 3-layer filtration system uses an integrated foam filter and free charcoal filter to thoroughly clean the recirculating water. The foam filter traps hair and debris while the charcoal filter eliminates bad tastes and odors. Together they keep the water fresh for your pet.

BPA-Free Construction Safe for Pets

Constructed from high quality BPA-free plastic, the fountain bowl and circulating pump are completely safe for pets. BPA is a chemical that can leach from some plastics into food and water, but you won’t have to worry about any harmful substances with this fountain.

Detachable Pump Makes Cleaning Simple

The water pump detaches easily from the base with no tools required, making it simple to give the entire fountain a thorough cleaning. A specialized cleaning brush is included to scrub away any built-up dirt or residue on the internal parts. Regular cleanings keep the fountain operating at peak performance.

Adjustable Water Flow to Suit Your Pet

A simple dial on the back of the unit lets you adjust the water flow rate to perfectly suit your pet. Cats tend to prefer a gentle stream of water while dogs like more vigorous flow. Customize it to encourage your furry friend to drink.

3L Capacity for Multiple Pets

With a generous 3 liter water capacity, this fountain can easily handle the needs of multiple cats or a small dog. The large capacity means you won’t have to refill it as frequently. A sliding window on the side makes monitoring the water level simple.

Safe Low-Voltage Power Supply

The included UL-listed power adapter provides a safe 12V supply to operate the pump. There’s no need to worry about electric shocks or shorts with the sealed low-voltage system. The 5.9 foot cord gives flexibility for positioning the fountain.

Give your pet the gift of a endless flow of clean, refreshing water with the Ownpets 3L Automatic Pet Fountain. The quiet operation and multi-stage filtration makes it the perfect choice for cats and small dog owners looking to upgrade from a traditional water bowl. Order today to see why customers love this fountain!


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