Outward Hound Foxy Frenzy Replacement Lure for Dog Teaser Wand


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Unleash Your Dog’s Inner Predator with the Foxy Frenzy Replacement Lure for Outward Hound’s Tail Teaser Wand! This clever little fox squeaks and squirms just like real prey to trigger your dog’s natural hunting instincts for hours of indoor or outdoor play.

Playtime That’s Easy on You and Engaging for Your Dog

Dogs get bored easily with regular plush toys, but this fox lure takes playtime to the next level by mimicking the erratic movement of live prey. Attach it to the Tail Teaser Wand (sold separately) so you can easily control the lure and engage your dog without tiring your arm. The wand gives you complete control to make the lure dance, jump, scurry, hide, and squeak, engaging your dog’s senses for active, enriching play. Your dog stays entertained and gets exercise while you barely lift a finger!

Built for Safety and Durability

The fox lure is made of soft plush polyester around a sturdy inner coil that gives it flexibility to bend and move like real prey. An internal squeaker adds lifelike prey sounds that excite dogs’ hunting drive. The materials are pet-safe but super durable to withstand enthusiastic pups who like to bite and tug.

Designed for Compatibility and Versatility

This replacement lure is designed to be fully compatible with the Outward Hound Tail Teaser teaser wand (sold separately). It easily attaches to the wand with a secure loop to capture your dog’s attention. When playtime is over, the lure detaches for compact storage.

Not using the teaser wand today? No problem! The fox lure has a built-in loop so you can easily toss it for engaging solo fetch games.

Fun for All Dog Breeds and Personalities

This interactive lure brings out the inner predator in all dogs!

High energy dogs like Labradors and Jack Russell Terriers love chasing and pouncing on this quick, squirmy lure.
Herding breeds like Border Collies are compelled to stalk and “catch” the fox, satisfying their herding instinct.
Terriers were bred to hunt rodents and will delight in shaking the fox lure.
Even mellow companion dogs get revved up batting and biting this active toy.
Dogs of all ages love flinging, chasing, and catching this lifelike fox. Puppies learn vital play skills while seniors maintain cognitive engagement.

Bring the Thrill of the Hunt Indoors or Out

Rainy day? No problem! This lure transforms any indoor space into an engaging playscape for your dog. Attach it to the teaser wand and make the fox zig-zag under chairs, hide behind curtains, or “escape” under beds and sofas. Your dog will love dashing and pouncing as you control the lure just out of reach.

Beautiful day? Head outside and let your dog’s inner predator off-leash in fresh air and wide open spaces. Hide the lure in bushes, swing it through trees, drag it through grass. The outdoors becomes your dog’s jungle to explore.

Fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! Bring the fox lure out at night for a thrilling game of shadow hunt. The wand gives you total control to make the lure sneak and scurry from shadow to shadow as your dog stalks and pounces.

More Than Just a Squeaky Toy

Boring plush dog toys only engage one of your dog’s senses: hearing. This interactive fox engages sight, sound, smell, and touch for much deeper, multidimensional play:

Sight: The fox’s bushy tail and lifelike furry body look intriguing to dogs. Its erratic, darting movement excites their visual prey drive.
Sound: An internal squeaker mimics injured prey sounds, triggering your dog’s hunting instincts.
Smell: The plush polyester has an intriguing scented texture dogs love to sniff.
Touch: The soft, flexible fur and squishy stuffing feel great on dogs’ mouths for carrying, chewing, and shaking.
This stimulation keeps your dog captivated and engaged for longer lasting play and enrichment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you AND your dog to love this interactive lure! That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with this fox lure, simply let us know within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

Don’t wait – order your Foxy Frenzy lure today and see your dog’s eyes light up with instinctive prey drive! Then get ready for active, engaging playtime between you and your happy pup.


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