Oster Clipmaster Professional Pet Clippers – Perfect for Large Dogs and Cats With Thick Coats


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Keep your furry friend looking sharp and tidy with the Oster Clipmaster professional pet clippers. Designed for large dogs and cats with thick, dense coats, these heavy-duty clippers provide the power you need to breeze through grooming sessions.

Powerful Rotary Motor Clips Through the Toughest Coats

At the heart of the Oster Clipmaster is a robust rotary motor that delivers over 2,100 strokes per minute. This provides more than enough torque and cutting power to slice through thick, matted fur with ease. Lesser clippers often get bogged down and overheat when faced with dense undercoats, but not the Oster Clipmaster. The rotary motor powers through tough grooming jobs without missing a beat.

Durable Housing Protects Against Wear and Tear

The chew-proof housing is built tough to withstand years of regular use. Pets may chew and scratch at the clippers during grooming, but the durable shell protects the motor from damage. This ensures the clippers will keep running smoothly for grooming session after grooming session. You don’t have to worry about replacing clippers anytime soon with the Oster’s rugged, long-lasting construction.

Cool-Running #10 CryogenX Detachable Blade

The Oster Clipmaster comes with a specialized #10 CryogenX detachable blade right out of the box. This premium blade undergoes a cryogenic treatment process that enhances the metal’s hardness and durability. As a result, the edge retains its sharpness much longer than other blades. The special CryogenX treatment also helps the blade run cooler. This prevents friction and irritation on your pet’s skin during extended grooming sessions.

Versatile A5 Detachable Blade System for Customized Grooming

While the included #10 blade covers most grooming needs, you can customize the Oster Clipmaster by switching to other blades. It uses the universal A5 detachable blade system compatible with a wide variety of Oster blades. Quickly swap out blades to tailor the length based on your pet’s breed and coat type. For example, use a #15 blade for shorter trims or a #4 blade for longer hair. You can even use guide combs for ultra-precise grooming. With the Oster Clipmaster, you have the flexibility to groom your pet however you like.

Whisper-Quiet Operation Keeps Pets Calm

Loud buzzing noises from cheaper clippers can make grooming stressful for pets. But the Oster Clipmaster features a quiet rotary motor that won’t spook your furry friend. Pets remain calm and comfortable, making grooming faster for you. The smooth, quiet operation also prevents yelping and squirming during trims around sensitive areas.

Ergonomic Design Reduces Fatigue During Grooming Sessions

The rounded shape and textured grip fit comfortably in your hand. This ergonomic design gives you more control while reducing hand fatigue over long grooming jobs. The lightweight 10 ounce body is easy to maneuver all around your pet without straining your wrist. Extended run time up to two hours means you can power through multiple pets in one session without hand and arm fatigue.

Cordless Operation for Flexible Grooming Anywhere

Take these clippers anywhere for cordless convenience and flexibility. The built-in battery provides up to 80 minutes of run time on a single charge. This gives you the freedom to groom your pet wherever it’s most comfortable for them – whether in your home, yard, or park. You’re no longer limited by power outlets and cord length. The battery also recharges quickly in just 60 minutes for less downtime between pets.

Vibration Reduces Hand Fatigue

These clippers utilize a vibration system that eliminates irritating noise and lessens hand fatigue. The gentle vibrations disrupt the sound waves that cause loud buzzing, resulting in quieter grooming. The vibration also counterbalances the torque of the motor to make the clippers feel lighter in your hand. You can trim for extended periods without wearing out your hand, wrist, or arm.

Safety Stop Stops Blades in an Instant

Accidents happen, and that’s why the Oster Clipmaster has a safety stop feature. Simply press the stop button to immediately halt the blades if your pet suddenly moves. This prevents any nicks and cuts to keep grooming safe. Once your pet settles, release the button and resume grooming. The safety stop gives you peace of mind knowing you can stop the blades on a dime.

What’s Included

Oster Clipmaster clipper body
Detachable #10 CryogenX blade
Storage case
Cleaning brush
Blade oil
Charging stand
Charging adapter

Who It’s For

The Oster Clipmaster professional pet clippers are ideal for owners of large dog breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labradoodles, Collies, German Shepherds, and more. It also works great for long-haired cat breeds such as Persians, Maine Coons, Ragdolls, and Himalayans. Tackle tough grooming jobs with ease using the power and durability of the Oster Clipmaster clippers.

User-Friendly and Low Maintenance

These clippers are designed for easy use and maintenance. Simply charge up, select the right blade, and start grooming. Keep the blades lubricated and clean with the included accessories. With a durable motor and housing, the clippers require little upkeep other than replacing blades when needed. The detachable blades make swapping and cleaning a breeze. Maintain your Oster Clipmaster properly and it will deliver reliable performance for years.

Treat your pets to smooth grooming with the Oster Clipmaster professional clippers. The powerful rotary motor, durable housing, and whisper-quiet operation provide a comfortable experience for pets and owners alike. Customize trims and tackle any coat with the versatile A5 blade system. Make grooming faster and easier on yourself using the lightweight, ergonomic design. Invest in a clipper built tough for large, thick-coated pets that will last grooming session after grooming session.


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