Organic Paw Butter Heals Cracked Dog Paws


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Does your dog dread going on walks because of dry, cracked paw pads? Sore, irritated feet can rob your pup of fun playtime and outdoor adventures. Give your dog soothing relief with Plano Paws Organic Paw Butter. This natural balm heals cracked pads and protects paws.

Veterinarians recommend this formula containing nourishing oils like coconut, shea butter, sweet almond and vitamin E. These ingredients work together to deeply moisturize, repair and strengthen damaged paw pads.

Coconut oil provides intensive hydration with its essential fatty acids while also fighting bacteria with its antimicrobial properties. Hard, thickened skin softens rapidly with the rich moisturizing power of shea butter.

Vitamin E stimulates skin repair to prevent future cracking and almond oil nourishes with antioxidants. And since the formula uses all natural ingredients, it’s safe if your dog licks their paws after application.

Applying this healing balm takes seconds but brings instant relief. Just smooth over cracked pads and gently massage in. Plant oils quickly penetrate to start the repair process immediately.

Regular use not only heals existing issues but conditions pads to resist cracks from heat, snow, ice and other hazards. Defend your dog’s paws in any weather with this organic balm.

Give your faithful companion relief from tender, sore paws. Repair cracked pads and keep paws healthy with Plano Paws Organic Paw Butter specially formulated for dogs.

Don’t let dry, cracked paws slow your playful pup down. Plano Paws Organic Paw Butter provides the soothing relief your dog needs to stay active and comfortable.

Natural plant oils deeply moisturize even the toughest, driest skin to restore cushiony soft paw pads. Your dog will think they’ve had a spa treatment for their paws!

The safe, gentle ingredients provide immediate comfort when applied. No more worries about chemicals if your dog licks their paws. Only nourishing coconut oil and shea butter touch your pet’s skin.

Regular use strengthens paws against seasonal hazards like searing hot pavement, icy winter sidewalks, abrasive sand and more. Your dog’s paws stay conditioned all year long.

Give your dog sweet relief from cracked paw misery with Plano Paws Organic Paw Butter specially formulated to nourish and heal.


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