ORE Pet Halloween Black Cat Face Rubber Pet Placemat for Food and Water Bowls


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Celebrate the spooky season with this cute and functional black cat face pet placemat from ORE Pet. Made from 100% recycled rubber, this placemat provides a non-slip surface that keeps your pet’s food and water bowls from sliding around while also protecting your floors from spills and scratches.

A Frightfully Cute Design

This placemat features an adorable black cat design with big green eyes and pointy ears to celebrate the Halloween spirit. The simple yet expressive cat face design adds a touch of spooky flair to your pet’s dining area. Whether your furry friend is a black cat themselves or just loves some Halloween fun, they’ll eat and drink in style with this decorative placemat.

Non-Slip Safety for Pets

The durable rubber material prevents bowls from sliding around while your pet eats and drinks. No more chasing after sliding bowls or dangerous spills. The textured surface also keeps active paws from scooting the mat. This gives your pet a stable surface for worry-free mealtimes.

Protect Floors from Scratches and Spills

The thick rubber placemat protects your floors from damage caused by pet bowls. The raised edges catch spilled water and fallen kibble to keep it contained on the mat, not your floors. No more worrying about scratches or stains around your pet’s eating area.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Made from 100% rubber, this placemat is naturally waterproof and easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water to clean up any spills or splatters. The durable material won’t fray or absorb odors over time. Toss it in the washing machine periodically to keep it looking like new for years of use.

Made from Recycled Materials

ORE Pet produces these placemats from recycled rubber, giving the material a second life. This eco-friendly manufacturing helps reduce waste and your environmental footprint. You can feel good about protecting the planet while protecting your floors.

Standard Size for Versatility

With dimensions of approximately 23.6 x 15.7 inches, this standard-sized placemat fits most pet food and water bowls. Use it in your pet’s designated dining area or place it under their bowl in the kitchen at mealtimes. The simple rectangular shape also fits well in crates, carriers, and other small spaces.

Quality Construction and Safe Materials

Made from 100% natural rubber with a non-toxic finish, this durable placemat is safe for pets and households with kids. The thick rubber material is crack and shatter resistant for long-lasting performance you can trust. The placemat provides a stable, non-slip surface you and your pet can rely on.

Easy to Use Design

Thanks to the simple shape and rubber material, this pet placemat requires no special care or maintenance. Just set it on the floor and place your pet’s bowls on top. The non-slip texture keeps it firmly in place, preventing any sliding around or shifting while your pet eats. When mealtime is over, pick it up and give it a quick wipe down before storing.

With its cute black cat design, non-slip rubber material, and eco-friendly manufacturing, this placemat makes a purr-fect addition to your pet’s dining area. Give your floors and furry friend the protection and stability they deserve at mealtimes with ORE Pet’s recycled rubber placemat. Celebrate Halloween everyday with this frightfully functional cat face design!


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