OmniPet Kool Kat Stretchy Cat Collar with Bell – Keep Your Cat Safe in Style


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Give your feline friend the gift of safety and style with the OmniPet Kool Kat Elastic Cat Collar. This ingenious collar is designed with your cat’s comfort and protection in mind.

The Kool Kat collar is made from super stretchy woven nylon that moves with your cat while providing just the right amount of gentle control. The elastic fabric ensures a customized fit that’s not too tight or too loose. As your cat runs, jumps, and plays, the collar expands and contracts to allow optimal freedom of movement.

Unlike traditional collars that can get snagged and cause injury, the Kool Kat stretch collar is engineered to release your cat if the collar gets caught on something. The elastic fabric stretches to expand and slip right off your cat’s neck if entangled, preventing any choking or strangulation accidents. No more worrying about your adventurous kitty getting stuck while exploring or playing.

Unique Elastic Design for Safety

The Kool Kat elastic cat collar features a ingenious stretch weave design. The embedded stretchy fibers woven throughout the nylon fabric allows the collar to expand up to 3 times its original size. This gives your cat room to comfortably move while keeping the collar snug enough not to slip off during activity.

In the event your cat’s collar gets hooked on a branch or tangled in something, the elastic weave is engineered to stretch even further and release your cat from the entanglement. This prevents any injuries due to choking or constriction accidents.

Customizable Fit for All Shapes and Sizes

A comfortable and secure fit is key to keep your cat happy and safe. The Kool Kat Safety collar comes in 3 different widths – 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch. Choose the perfect width based on your cat’s neck size and shape.

The collar length is also adjustable with a heavy-duty side release buckle. Simply slide the buckle up or down to tighten or loosen the collar and achieve the ideal snug fit for your feline. The durable buckle stays securely in place once set.

The elastic nylon material conforms to your cat’s unique neck shape. As your cat runs and plays, the collar expands and contracts with their movements while staying put. Give your cat a personalized fit that’s not too tight or too loose.

Fun Colors and Styles

The Kool Kat Collar comes in an exciting array of colors to match your cat’s personality:

  • Sleek Black – For the sophisticated kitty
  • Hip Blue – For the cool cat
  • Pretty Pink – For the feline who’s cute and sassy
  • Bubblegum Purple – For the playful purring princess
  • Fire Engine Red – For the daring adventurous kitty

The collars features a matching colored bell that provides auditory stimulation and entertainment for your cat. The bell also allows you to keep an ear out for your cat’s location and movements.

High Quality Materials for Durability

The Kool Kat cat collar is thoughtfully constructed from premium quality materials designed to be durable, comfortable, and safe.

The super stretchy nylon fabric retains its shape and elasticity wear after wear. It doesn’t lose stretchiness or get deformed out of shape. The smooth nylon material is gentle on your cat’s skin and doesn’t cause any irritations.

The side release buckle is made from heavy-duty plastic that stays securely clasped. It doesn’t crack or break even with repeated use.

The O-ring leash attachment is high-grade metal with a smooth rounded finish. It allows hassle-free leash attachment without pinching your cat’s skin.

Keep Your Cat Secure and Protected

The Kool Kat stretchy cat collar lets you outfit your favorite feline in safety and style. The ingenious elastic design ensures your cat stays secure while allowing optimal movement and releasing your cat in the event of entanglement. Choose from fun colors and get the ideal adjustable fit for your cat’s comfort. Keep your cat stylish, stimulated, and protected with the OmniPet Kool Kat collar!

Product Features:

  • All-elastic, stretchy woven nylon collars outfit your cat in safety and convenience
  • Stretch Weave design helps release collar from your cat’s neck should she get caught in or on an object
  • 3/8″ thick, and in three lengths that you can buckle anywhere for the perfect fit
  • Elasticized to expand and release your cat if entangled
  • All collars include bell matching colored bell


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