OHMO Pet Feeding Mat – Non-Slip Cat Food Tray to Prevent Water and Food Messes


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Keep your floors clean while providing your furry friend with a mess-free feeding station using the OHMO Pet Feeding Mat. This silicone mat is specially designed to contain spills and messes that happen during mealtimes to protect your floors. With its raised outer lip and waterproof design, this mat traps water, crumbs, and spilled food so you don’t have to worry about stains or damage to your floors.

Premium Silicone Construction

The OHMO Pet Feeding Mat is made from 100% premium food-grade silicone that’s BPA and phthalate free. Silicone is naturally antimicrobial to inhibit bacteria growth. The construction is also non-toxic and safe for pets. The soft, flexible silicone allows the mat to conform to the floor and prevents sliding.

Waterproof Outer Lip

This pet feeding mat has a raised outer lip measuring 0.25 inches tall to trap water and contain food. The lip creates a recessed well to keep water, broth, juices, and loose kibble from flowing beyond the mat. No more water rings on your hardwood floors or stains on the carpet from your pet’s sloppy eating.

Non-Slip Bottom

To keep the feeding station secure during meal times, the bottom has a unique wave pattern and silicone grips that provide traction. The mat won’t slide all over the kitchen floor, scaring your pets and making a huge mess. The bottom also won’t scratch or damage your floors.

Quick-Drying & Dishwasher Safe

Thanks to the silicone construction, the OHMO Pet Feeding Mat is super easy to clean. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or rinse under warm water to wash away debris. It also quickly air dries to prevent mold or mildew from forming. For a deeper clean, you can toss it in the dishwasher.

Rolls Up for Convenient Storage

Not using the feeding mat? It rolls up for out-of-the-way storage. No need for a bulky pet feeding mat taking up space in your pantry or cupboard. The flexible mat rolls up tightly for stashing inside a drawer or cabinet. It’s also easy to pack up and take on the go when traveling with pets.

Perfect Size for Cats & Small Dogs

The OHMO Pet Feeding Mat measures 18 x 9.8 inches to accommodate cat bowls, small pet bowls, and water dispensers. It’s an ideal size for containing messes from cats and smaller dogs weighing up to 40 pounds. The mat provides plenty of space for food bowls and won’t cramp their mealtime.

Give your floors a break and provide a designated feeding station for your furry companions. The OHMO Pet Feeding Mat contains nasty pet food and water messes to keep your floors clean and dry. Order yours today!

Product Details

Materials: 100% premium food-grade silicone
Dimensions: 18 x 9.8 inches
Raised Outer Lip: 0.25 inches high
Wave Pattern Bottom with Silicone Grips
BPA and Phthalate Free
Rolls Up for Storage and Travel
Dishwasher Safe

What Causes Pet Feeding Mats?

Pet feeding mats are designed to protect your floors from water and food spills while your cat or dog eats. Here are some of the common causes of pet mealtime messes:

– Sloppy Drinking: Dogs and cats don’t have the best table manners when lapping up water. Their tongues splash water out of bowls onto surrounding floors. Cats also knock over water bowls frequently making a wet mess.

– Runny Food: Wet canned foods or raw foods with meat juices often get messy. Chunks of food and broth easily spill out over the edges of bowls. The juices drip on floors leaving stains.

– Fast Eating: When pets scarf down meals too quickly, pieces of kibble and chunks of wet food scatter all around the bowl. Crumbs also fly everywhere making a mess.

– Raised Bowls: Elevated bowls reduce strain on pets’ necks, but the extra height allows more spills and splashes to escape onto the floor.

– Bowl Bumping: Excited pets sometimes bump into bowls while eating, causing spills. Water bowls also get knocked over.

Benefits of a Pet Feeding Mat

A pet feeding mat provides the following benefits for a less stressful and cleaner mealtime:

– Contains Messes in One Spot: With a waterproof mat underneath bowls, all spills are contained. The mat prevents stains and damage across larger floor spaces.

– Traps Food Debris: Kibble pieces, meat chunks, and crumbs are caught on the mat instead of getting lodged between floorboards or ground into carpeting.

– Protects Floors from Scratches: When your pet steps on bowls and drags them across the floor, a protective mat prevents scratches and gouges.

– Prevents Slip Hazards: Wet floors are slippery and dangerous for both pets and owners. A pet feeding mat absorbs spills to keep floors dry and safe.

– Easy to Clean: It’s much simpler to clean a pet feeding mat than having to constantly mop floors after each messy meal.

– Convenient Food Station: A designated feeding mat in one spot contains the mess instead of your pet eating in multiple areas of the home.

Tips for Using Pet Feeding Mats

Follow these tips when using a pet feeding mat for optimal effectiveness and cleanliness:

Place on a hard, flat floor rather than carpet for best liquid absorption.
Position against a wall or in a corner to prevent the mat from shifting during meals.
For raised bowls, choose a feeding mat with higher outer edges to contain spills.
Clean the mat daily after meals to prevent staining, bacteria growth, and odors.
Wash silicone mats in warm soapy water or the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.
Replace plastic mats once scratches prevent proper cleaning and food containment.
Consider two mats if feeding multiple pets separate meals to prevent resource guarding.
Bring the mat along when traveling with pets to quickly set up a feeding station anywhere.
Use mats under both food and water bowls to contain drips, splashes, and spills in one place.
The OHMO Pet Feeding Mat provides a handy solution for minimizing mealtime messes. Protect your floors with this must-have feeding accessory and enjoy cleaner floors!


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