Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Senior Dog Dental Kit, Bacon Flavor for Small Dogs


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Keep Your Senior Dog’s Teeth Clean and Healthy with This Complete Oral Care Kit

As your dog reaches his golden years, it becomes even more important to maintain good oral hygiene. The Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Senior Dog Dental Kit makes it easy to clean your small senior dog’s teeth and freshen his breath. This vet-recommended kit contains everything you need for at-home dental care.

The toothpaste features a bacon flavor that dogs love and appealing scent that makes brushing pleasant. It is formulated with Denta-C, which is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Natural ingredients like citrus, yucca, and vitamin C promote fresh breath. The toothpaste is made in the USA.

Gently massage the tasty toothpaste onto your dog’s teeth and gums with the ultra-soft finger toothbrush. Its contoured shape allows you to reach all areas of your dog’s mouth to remove plaque and debris. The toothbrush bristles are soft and flexible to be gentle on sensitive senior teeth.

In addition to brushing, give your dog the textured dental treats to help control tartar and massage gums. These dual-purpose treats feature ridges and nubs to scrape away plaque as your dog chews. They are made in the USA with baking soda and calcium to strengthen teeth and freshen breath.

Give your small senior dog a dental tune-up with the complete Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Kit. Routine dental care promotes overall health by reducing bacteria, preventing disease, and improving digestion. Your dog can enjoy his golden years with clean teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath thanks to this veterinarian-recommended kit.

What’s in the Box:

Toothpaste – 2.5 oz bacon-flavored paste clinically proven to control plaque and tartar
Finger toothbrush – Gentle silicone brush fits over finger to brush teeth and massage gums
Dental treats – Textured chews help control tartar and clean teeth
Made in USA – Proudly made in the United States
Key Features:

Complete dental care kit for senior dogs from Nylabone, the #1 veterinarian-recommended brand
Toothpaste reduces plaque buildup with scientifically formulated Denta-C
Finger toothbrush has extra-soft bristles for gently removing plaque
Dental treats feature ridges to help scrape away tartar as your dog chews
Made in the USA with baking soda and calcium to strengthen teeth
Promotes oral health to improve digestion and reduce bacteria
Freshens dog breath with natural ingredients like yucca, citrus and vitamin C
Vet-recommended dog dental kit for at-home care of senior dogs
For small adult dogs – check package for size recommendations
Bacon flavor and scent make brushing pleasant for dogs
Keep Your Senior Dog’s Smile Bright

Your small senior dog depends on you to keep his teeth clean and healthy as he ages. Daily brushing with the Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Kit can help prevent problems like:

Plaque buildup – Calcium deposits collect around the gumline leading to tartar buildup and gum disease.
Gingivitis – Inflammation and reddening of the gums caused by plaque bacteria.
Periodontal disease – Untreated gingivitis worsens leading to pain, receding gums, and tooth loss.
Bad breath – Bacteria growth in the mouth creates unpleasant dog breath.
Digestion issues – Oral bacteria enters the bloodstream and can cause damage to internal organs.
The Complete Senior Dog Dental Routine

The Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Kit makes it easy to establish an at-home dental routine with your dog. Just follow these simple steps:

Apply the tasty bacon-flavored toothpaste onto the silicone finger brush or directly onto your dog’s teeth.
Gently brush along the outer surfaces of the teeth and front surfaces of the molars.
Carefully brush the inner surfaces of the teeth and get underneath the gumline.
Brush your dog’s tongue to remove bacteria and freshen breath.
Give your dog a dental treat after brushing to help scrape away plaque.
Repeat daily dental care to maintain clean and healthy teeth.
Bring your dog to the vet for annual oral exams and professional cleanings.
Your senior dog will love the yummy toothpaste and look forward to brushing time. The Nylabone kit makes it so easy to care for your dog’s teeth at home between professional cleanings.

Shopper Reviews:

With over 2,000 global reviews, Nylabone oral care products consistently receive high ratings and praise. Here’s what other pet parents have to say:

“The toothpaste and brush do a great job cleaning my senior Yorkie’s teeth. Her breath is much better now.”

“My 10-year old Maltese struggles with plaque buildup. This dental kit keeps her teeth clean and healthy.”

“Such a high-quality dental kit for small dogs. My aging dachshund’s gums look so much healthier now.”

“I noticed my senior dog’s teeth looking dingy. The finger brush makes it so easy to clean them.”

“My vet recommended this kit to improve my older dog’s oral health. It works great!”

Love Your Senior Dog’s Smile

Regular dental care promotes overall health and happiness in your senior dog by reducing discomfort, infection, and disease. Get the complete oral care kit and establish a daily routine to keep your small dog’s smile beautiful. Order the Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Senior Dog Dental Kit today! Your loyal companion deserves the very best care in his golden years.


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