Nutrisource Turkey Grain-Free Puppy Food, 15lb


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Give your growing puppy the nutrition he needs with Nutrisource Grain Free Turkey Puppy Food. Specially formulated for large breed puppies, this protein-packed food provides complete and balanced nutrition without any grains.

Tailored for Your Puppy’s Needs

The formula starts with real turkey as the first ingredient, providing lean protein to support your puppy’s developing muscles and organs. It also contains chickpeas, peas and tapioca for digestible carbohydrates to fuel your active pup. With DHA from fish oil, it supports healthy brain development. And the recipe is grain-free to avoid ingredients that may cause sensitivities.

Supports Healthy Growth

Nutrisource Grain Free Turkey Puppy contains glucosamine and chondroitin to nurture growing joints. Plus, it has the optimal calcium and phosphorus levels to promote strong bones. Antioxidants from fruits and veggies help build a healthy immune system. And probiotics aid digestion for better nutrient absorption.

Made with Quality Ingredients

This puppy food features limited ingredients to reduce the risk of food sensitivities. It’s also free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Made in the USA, each batch is tested for quality and safety. Plus, you can feel good knowing there are no chicken by-product meals.

Tailored for Large Breeds

The kibble size and recipe are designed to meet the unique needs of larger puppies. With controlled calcium and calories, it helps support a steady growth rate to avoid developmental issues like bone deformities. The omega fatty acids also promote healthy joint function.

Provides Complete Nutrition

This grain-free puppy food delivers balanced ratios of protein, fats and carbs. It gives growing dogs the energy they need without excess calories that lead to rapid weight gain. With all the essential vitamins and minerals, you can feel confident it provides whole body nutrition.

Easy to Digest

Nutrisource uses gentle cooking methods to create highly digestible protein sources. The fiber supports healthy digestion while probiotics aid gut health. With reduced risk of gastric distress, your puppy can thrive.

Delicious Turkey Flavor

Real turkey is the first ingredient, giving this grain-free puppy food a tasty flavor your dog will love. The kibble has an enticing aroma and crunchy texture to excite mealtime.

Made in USA-Based Facilities

This Nutrisource puppy food is proudly made in company-owned facilities in Minnesota and South Dakota. Local sourcing and quality control ensures safety and consistency with every bag.

Trusted by Pet Parents

Nutrisource has been crafting quality pet foods since 1992. They use scientific research to create tailored diets that nourish pets according to their life stage and unique needs. Dog owners love the results they see feeding Nutrisource.

Give your large breed puppy the nutrition he needs to grow into a healthy adult dog. Nutrisource Grain Free Turkey Puppy Food provides protein-packed nutrition tailored for large breeds. With real turkey as the first ingredient, it delivers lean protein in a tasty grain-free recipe.


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