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Give Your Aging Canine Companion the Nutrition They Need to Stay Healthy and Strong

As dogs get older, their nutritional needs change. That’s why Nutrisource Senior Dog Food is specially formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for senior dogs 7 years and older. Made with real chicken as the number one ingredient, this kibble provides high-quality protein to help maintain healthy muscle mass and strength. It also contains optimal levels of fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to support your senior dog’s overall health and vitality.

Tailored for Your Senior Dog’s Needs

Aging dogs have lower energy requirements, so this food contains fewer calories from fat and carbohydrates. The simplified formula is highly digestible, with natural fiber sources to promote regular digestion. It also has controlled mineral levels, including reduced sodium, to support kidney and heart health. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables provide an immune system boost. Even picky eaters love the tasty chicken flavor.

Key Benefits

  • Supports healthy muscle mass and strength
  • Highly digestible for sensitive stomachs
  • Boosts immune system health
  • Promotes joint health and mobility
  • Maintains optimal weight
  • Supports heart and kidney function
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

The first ingredient is real deboned chicken, providing a tasty source of essential amino acids. Whole grain sorghum offers slowly digested carbohydrates for steady energy. Dried beet pulp adds natural fiber to aid digestion. Nutrient-dense fruits and veggies like apples, blueberries, carrots, and spinach provide antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Plus, it’s made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients.

Feeding Guidelines

Follow the feeding guidelines on the package based on your senior dog’s weight and activity level. Most dogs do well with 2-4 cups divided into 2 meals per day. Provide fresh water at all times. For best results, transition your dog gradually over 5-7 days when switching foods. Consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Join the Nutrisource Family

Nutrisource has been making premium pet food since 1985. They only use the finest ingredients and back every recipe with research. Their formulas are crafted to deliver optimal nutrition tailored for each pet’s life stage or specific dietary needs. You can feel good knowing you’re giving your senior dog the nutrition they need to thrive. Make every day count by feeding Nutrisource Senior Dog Food.

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