NutriSource Grain Inclusive Turkey and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food, 26 lb Bag – Compact Nutrition for All Life Stages


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Give your dog the nutrition they need with the NutriSource Grain Inclusive Turkey and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. This 26 lb bag contains premium ingredients including real turkey as the first ingredient to provide complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all life stages according to AAFCO nutritional standards.

Turkey is not only a tasty protein source that dogs love, but it also provides essential amino acids to support strong muscles and an active lifestyle. Combine that with wholesome grains like brown rice, barley, and oats for energy and fiber plus prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion. DHA supplementation supports cognitive development for puppies while taurine, L-carnitine, and omega fatty acids help keep your dog’s heart healthy.

This NutriSource formula truly delivers comprehensive nutrition in a compact kibble size that’s easy to chew and digest. It’s crafted in the USA with carefully sourced ingredients you can feel good about feeding your furry friend. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives – only natural components to nourish your pup.

Key Features:

  • 🥩 Real turkey is the first ingredient to provide highly digestible animal protein for strong, lean muscles.
  • 🍚 Brown rice, barley and oats deliver carbohydrate energy and dietary fiber to support an active lifestyle.
  • 🥣 Nutrient-rich formula meets AAFCO standards for complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages.
  • 🧪 Fortiied with prebiotics & probiotics to promote healthy and regular digestion.
  • 🧠 Contains DHA for healthy brain and eye development in puppies.
  • 💗 Taurine, L-carnitine & omega fatty acids support a healthy heart.
  • 🇺🇸 Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients you can trust.
  • 🌎 No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

An All Life Stages Kibble Packed with Nutrition

As a member of the NutriSource Grain Inclusive line, this Turkey and Rice formula is purposefully crafted to deliver complete and balanced daily nutrition for dogs of all life stages and activity levels. The recipe starts with real, deboned turkey as the first ingredient which provides highly bioavailable animal protein with essential amino acids to help maintain and repair muscles, organs and other tissues.

NutriSource then pairs the turkey with a blend of wholesome grains including brown rice, barley and oats to fuel your dog’s active lifestyle. These carbohydrate sources provide sustained energy, important vitamins and minerals, and dietary fiber for healthy digestion and regularity. A precise blend of omega fatty acids, including omega-3s from chicken fat, helps nourish skin and coat health from the inside out.

This recipe also contains supplemental L-Carnitine to help burn fat and support a healthy metabolism. Added prebiotics and probiotics support your dog’s microbiome and gastrointestinal health. For growing puppies, DHA from fish oil is included to nourish brain and vision development. And natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin help keep aging joints supple and mobile. Overall, this thoughtfully balanced formula delivers complete daily nutrition sized for your dog – not filler.

Compact Kibble for Easy Chewing and Digestion

NutriSource crafts its kibbles in a smaller, easy to chew bite size that promotes better digestion compared to larger chunks. The smaller kibble helps deliver nutrition efficiently while the crunchy texture helps clean teeth and freshen breath as your dog chews. This Grain Inclusive Turkey and Rice recipe features a gently toasted exterior and visible wholesome grains mixed with turkey inside each piece.

Because the recipe is carefully cooked at lower temperatures, the vital nutrients, antioxidants and natural flavors are retained. This process helps unlock more nutrition from each serving compared to extruded kibbles. So even though the kibbles are compact, they deliver dense nutrition in every crunchy bite.

Made in the USA with Premium Global Ingredients

NutriSource dog foods are proudly made in the USA with a worldwide sourcing network to find the best ingredients. The real deboned turkey in this formula comes from North America farms. The grains are procured from trusted growers in the American Heartland. Fruits and vegetables are sourced from produce hubs in California’s central valley while supplements are sourced from leading global providers.

You can feel confident feeding NutriSource knowing it’s crafted to meet the highest standards. Their manufacturing facilities are closely monitored for quality and safety from start to finish. There are no ingredients from China including vitamins, minerals or other supplements. And you won’t find any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives – only natural nutrition.

Give Your Dog the Nutrition They Need

Provide your canine companion with the balanced nutrition they require with the NutriSource Grain Inclusive Turkey and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. Real turkey combined with grains, fruits, veggies, supplements and vitamins delivers complete daily nourishment in a small, easy to chew kibble. And made in the USA with premium ingredients you can trust. For quality nutrition choose NutriSource.


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