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Your furry friend deserves the very best nutrition to support their health and happiness. That’s why we created Nutri Source Grain Free Lamb Meal Dog Food. This premium dog food is crafted with natural, high-quality ingredients to provide complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all life stages.

Lamb Meal is the #1 Ingredient

The first ingredient in our formula is real, deboned lamb meal, providing your pup with a rich source of essential amino acids. Lamb meal contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh lamb and is extremely digestible for dogs. Supporting the lamb meal is a blend of wholesome fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients.

Grain Free Nutrition

Many dogs have difficulty digesting grains like corn, wheat, and soy. That’s why our formula is completely grain free. We remove all grains and instead use digestible carbohydrates like peas and sweet potatoes. Your dog gets fiber and energy from veggies without fillers that can cause tummy troubles.

Tailored for All Life Stages

No matter your dog’s age or activity level, our formula provides complete and balanced nutrition. We include optimal levels of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals to support muscle growth in puppies, a healthy coat in adults, and joint health in seniors. Real fruits and veggies provide natural sources for key nutrients.

Made with Natural Ingredients

At Nutri Source, we believe the highest quality ingredients make the healthiest pet food. That’s why we only use real, natural ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Our recipes are crafted in small batches in the USA, and we source our ingredients from trusted suppliers to ensure safety and quality.

Your Dog Will Love the Taste!

One bite and your dog will be hooked on the delicious flavor. Real lamb provides taste dogs love, and the variety of fruits and veggies add palatable textures and aroma. At mealtime, you can feel good knowing your furry companion is enjoying a nutritious diet full of flavors that will have them coming back for more!

Easy to Digest and Absorb

This grain free recipe contains 5% fiber to support healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients. The carefully balanced blend of fiber sources like peas maintain ideal stool quality. Lamb meal is also highly digestible, providing your dog with more available nutrition compared to fresh lamb.

Supports Healthy Skin and Coat

Proper nutrition is important for your dog’s skin and coat health. Our formula provides balanced omega fatty acids from salmon oil, plus vitamin E and zinc. These nutrients nourish your dog’s skin and support a shiny coat from the inside out. Antioxidants from fruits and veggies also promote skin and coat health.

Joint Health Benefits

As dogs age, joint health becomes an important consideration. Our recipe contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support your senior dog’s joint health and mobility. Natural sources of vitamin C also promote collagen production for healthy cartilage and joints.

Made in the USA

We proudly manufacture all of our premium pet food in the United States, closely overseeing each step of the process. You can feel confident feeding your dog a high-quality diet with the strictest standards for safety and nutrition. We stake our reputation on crafting natural, nutritious recipes pets love.

Give your dog the very best with Nutri Source Grain Free Lamb Meal Dog Food. This premium formula provides complete everyday nutrition with natural ingredients and irresistible flavor. Order a bag today and see the nutritious difference in your best friend!


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