Nucookery Elevated Cat Food Water Bowls Set – Raised Tilted Ceramic Pet Bowls Prevent Messy Mealtime for Small Dogs & Fat-Faced Cats


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Tired of your cat or small dog making a mess while eating and drinking? Those adorable faces aren’t so cute when kibble and water are spraying everywhere. Regular bowls sit flat on the floor, forcing pets to bend down awkwardly or cram their faces in to reach food and water. This unnatural position can lead to vomiting, chin acne, and joint pain.

The solution? Nucookery’s elevated cat bowls set. These cleverly designed raised bowls lift food and water to a natural height for stress-free mealtime.

Benefits of Elevated Pet Bowls

Prevents Vomiting & Bloating

The tilted angle and raised design keeps your pet’s head and neck in a comfortable, neutral position while eating. This allows for smoother swallowing and digestion to prevent vomiting, burping, and bloating.

Reduces Neck & Joint Strain

No more sore necks or achy joints from awkward floor-level bowls. The ideal 1.46 inch lift takes pressure off your pet’s cervical vertebrae and joints for pain-free chow time.

Controls Messy Meal Spills

Sloped sides and an inward curving rim create a contained basin that blocks food and water from slopping over the edge. No more wiping down the floors after every meal!

Promotes Proper Digestion

Elevated bowls improve digestion by using gravity to slow down gulping and allow better food and water flow. This prevents indigestion issues like gas, diarrhea, and constipation.

Reduces Face & Neck Acne

When forced to cram into low bowls, chins and cheeks get coated in food residue and oils leading to ugly acne breakouts. Raised bowls keep pets’ faces clean to prevent dermatitis and irritation around the mouth.

Thoughtfully Designed for Pets

The Nucookery elevated cat bowls set is intelligently engineered for your pet’s comfort and your convenience.

Tilted Angle Keeps Food Forward

The bowls gently slope so kibble stays centered and forward-facing. This makes it effortless for pets to reach every last bite without having to chase food around the rim.

Curved Shape Controls Food Splatter

The inward sloping sides and curved interior rim prevent messy spill-overs while the wide 5.3 inch diameter offers ample serving capacity.

Non-Skid Base Stays Put

Four rubberized feet grip surfaces to keep bowls firmly in place during use. No more scooting or tipping over!

Durable Stoneware Construction

Crafted from dense, high-fired ceramic stoneware, these bowls resist cracking, fading, and warping from frequent washing and rigorous daily use.

microwave, dishwasher-safe and Oven-safe

The glazed ceramic material is heat-resistant to 800°F making these bowls conveniently safe for microwave, dishwasher, and oven use.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Proper Mealtime Posture

Nucookery’s elevated pet bowl set is thoughtfully designed to make mealtimes neater, healthier, and more comfortable for your furry friends. The ergonomic shape keeps your pet’s head, neck, and joints aligned while eating and drinking to prevent pain, vomiting, and acne issues.

Ditch those messy floor-level bowls for the Nucookery elevated cat bowls set. Your pet and floors will thank you!

Order the complete 2-pack set today to help your special companions enjoy their food and water without discomfort or mess. Nucookery wishes you and your furry fam many happy and tidy mealtimes ahead!


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