Northwest Naturals Beef with Turmeric Freeze-Dried Cat & Dog Food Topper – Give Your Pet The Nutrition They Deserve


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Is your feline or canine friend bored with their usual kibble? Looking to add more flavor and nutrition to their diet? Then look no further than Northwest Naturals’ Beef with Turmeric Freeze-Dried Cat & Dog Food Topper. This all-natural food mixer packs a powerful punch of protein and superfoods to take your pet’s meals from bland to grand.

Crunchy, Tasty Texture Cats & Dogs Crave

Unlike wet food toppers that quickly soak into kibble, our freeze-dried cat and dog food topper retains its crispy texture to give your pet the satisfying crunch they love with every bite. The freeze-drying process locks in the beef flavor while removing moisture, creating the irresistible crunchy bits that will have your furry friend savoring mealtime.

Sprinkle as much or as little as you like over your pet’s regular food. The freeze-dried morsels mix easily with kibble or wet food without making a mess. Your cat or dog will be delighted by the added flavor and texture.

Protein-Packed Nutrition for Increased Energy

Beef is loaded with essential amino acids that promote lean muscle growth and provide lasting energy. The 10% crude protein in our freeze-dried topper fortifies your pet’s diet to keep them active and strong.

We source only the highest quality grass-fed beef that offers optimal protein bioavailability. That means more muscle-building protein is absorbed efficiently to nourish your furry friend.

The beef is combined with metabolism-boosting turmeric for an extra nutrition boost. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to support joint health and keep your pet feeling their best.

All-Natural, Gluten-Free Ingredients You Can Trust

Like all Northwest Naturals products, our freeze-dried cat and dog food topper contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We never use corn, wheat, soy, by-products, fillers or added hormones or antibiotics.

That means you can feel good knowing your furry family member is getting only natural, wholesome ingredients in every bite. Our cat and dog food topper is also grain and gluten-free for pets with food sensitivities.

We source our beef only from grass-fed, free-range cattle that are ethically raised right here in the USA. Our manufacturing facilities are FDA-registered to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

Delicious Flavors Your Dog or Cat Will Love

Choose from our tasty selection of freeze-dried cat and dog food toppers:

Beef with Turmeric: Savory beef complemented by the bright flavor of metabolism-boosting turmeric.

Salmon: Wild-caught Alaskan salmon bursting with omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.

Chicken: Lean protein from free-range chicken raised without antibiotics or added hormones.

Beef Liver: Nutrient-dense beef liver to support your dog or cat’s organ health.

Mussels: Sustainably-sourced New Zealand green-lipped mussels to promote joint mobility.

Convenient, Portable Pet Food Topper

The 5.5 oz bag of our freeze-dried cat and dog food topper packs about 30 servings so you get plenty of use from each resealable bag.

The shelf-stable topper stays fresh no refrigeration required. It’s ideal for bringing along in your pet’s travel bag or keeping a bag handy at home to spice up their diet.

Premium Pet Products from Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals is committed to your pet’s health and happiness. We offer a full line of premium foods and treats made with only natural, wholesome ingredients:

  • Grain-Free Dog & Cat Food: Probiotic-rich, limited ingredient recipes
  • Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Food: Single protein recipes preserved raw
  • Dehydrated Dog Treats: Single-ingredient treats for training & rewards
  • Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats: Irresistible jerky & fruit treats

We stand behind the quality of our products and your pet’s satisfaction. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee so you can try our freeze-dried cat and dog food topper risk-free!

Give your pet the nutrition they deserve and add our Beef with Turmeric Freeze-Dried Cat & Dog Food Topper to their next meal. They’ll thank you with purrs, wags and kisses!


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