Nootie Waterless Shampoo Wipes For Dogs & Cats – Keep Your Pet Smelling Fresh Between Baths


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Is your furry friend starting to get that not-so-fresh smell? As much as we love showering our pets with affection, sometimes giving them a bath can be a messy hassle. That’s why Nootie’s waterless shampoo wipes are a lifesaver for dog and cat owners!

These convenient, moisturizing wipes make it easy to freshen up your pet between full baths. Infused with a sweet pea and vanilla fragrance, each wipe cleans and conditions your pet’s coat, leaving them smelling lovely for days. Formulated by veterinarians and made in the USA, Nootie wipes are gentle enough for regular use.

Freshen Up Your Pet Anywhere, Anytime

Thanks to their handy packaging, you can toss these wipes in your bag or keep them by the door for on-the-go cleanups. Going to the dog park? Bring Nootie wipes to remove dirt and odor before heading home. About to cuddle with your cat on the couch? Give them a quick wipe down first to control pet smells. Heading out of town? Ask your pet sitter to use them to keep your furry friend clean and sweet-smelling while you’re away.

These waterless shampoo wipes make cleaning your pet fast and simple:

  • Wipe paws, body, face, and other dirty areas
  • No need to rinse – the wipes clean and condition in one easy step
  • Toss used wipes in the trash – no mess, no fuss
  • The sweet pea and vanilla fragrance leaves your pet smelling fresh for days

Veterinarian-Formulated for Gentle Cleansing

Nootie wipes are specially designed by vets to be gentle enough for regular use on dogs and cats. The formula is soap-free and pH balanced to complement your pet’s sensitive skin. It includes moisturizing ingredients like aloe and oatmeal to prevent dryness while cleansing.

You can feel good using these wipes knowing they are:

  • Paraben-free
  • SLS-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan

Nootie is dedicated to producing quality pet care products with safe, non-toxic ingredients. Their wipes are manufactured in the USA in FDA audited facilities for guaranteed purity and potency.

Customers Love Their Pet-Perfect Scent

The sweet pea and vanilla fragrance is a customer favorite for good reason. This soothing, spa-like aroma smells clean without being overpowering. One wipe leaves your pet with a delicate, floral scent that masks odors and lingers for days.

Pet owners say:

  • “These wipes leave the most amazing scent on my dogs!”
  • “I can still smell them on my cat a few days later.”
  • “The sweet pea smell is heavenly without being too strong.”

Customers are also impressed by how well these wipes clean their pet’s coat while keeping their sensitive skin moisturized. The wipes glide smoothly to lift dirt and reduce odors for quick cleanups between baths.

Convenient Packaging for On-The-Go

Each pack comes with 70 large, soft wipes to keep your pet smelling sweet. The resealable lid ensures wipes stay moist and fresh throughout use. Tuck a pack in your car, bag, or pocket to clean up pet messes anytime. Reviewers love the pop-up dispenser that allows easy, one-handed access to wipes.

The compact 5″ x 6″ size is ideal for wiping down small pets as well as targeted areas on larger dogs. And since the wipes are disposable, there’s no need to rinse or re-wash cloths between uses.

Trusted by Pet Lovers and Veterinarians

Nootie products are trusted and recommended by veterinarians, professional groomers, and pet stylists across the country. Their waterless shampoo wipes are sold in over 3,000 vet clinics and 5,000 pet stores worldwide.

Pet lovers agree these wipes are a grooming game-changer:

  • “My veterinarian recommended these – they work better than any other wipes!”
  • “My mobile groomer keeps these on hand for touch-ups.”
  • “I won’t go back to normal baths after discovering these.”

Try Nootie’s sweet pea & vanilla waterless shampoo wipes for yourself and see why they are a top choice for on-the-go pet parents!

Why Customers Love Nootie Waterless Shampoo Wipes:

  • Keep pets clean & deodorized between baths
  • Ideal for paws, face, beds, and spot cleaning
  • Veterinarian recommended formula
  • Gentle on skin with moisturizing ingredients
  • Sweet pea & vanilla scent leaves pets smelling fresh for days
  • No rinsing required – just wipe and toss
  • Easy dispensing pack for life on the go
  • Made in the USA

Pamper your pet with refreshing cleanliness anytime, anywhere. Order Nootie waterless shampoo wipes today and see for yourself why customers and professionals love them!


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