Nolvasan Otic Pet Ear Cleanser – Fight Infection and Prevent Buildup


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Nolvasan Otic is a veterinarian-recommended ear cleanser that helps keep your pet’s ears clean, dry, and healthy. With regular use, this powerful yet gentle formula helps prevent painful ear infections caused by bacteria, yeast, and mites.

As every pet owner knows, ear problems are common in dogs and cats. All that flopping and head shaking leads to the perfect environment for infection inside your pet’s ear canal. Keeping your companion’s ears clean is an important part of health maintenance and disease prevention.

Fights Infection and Prevents Buildup

Nolvasan Otic utilizes a scientifically-proven antibacterial ingredient, chlorhexidine, to combat infection-causing bacteria and yeast. This vet-trusted solution also helps loosen and flush away wax and debris to discourage buildup. With routine cleaning, you can help prevent painful outer ear infections from taking hold.

Ingredients like glycerin and propylene glycol work to gently dry the ear canal and acidify the environment, making it harder for microbes to survive. Using Nolvasan Otic as part of your at-home wellness routine supports your veterinarian’s recommendations for clean, dry ears.

Veterinarian-Recommended for Dogs and Cats

Ear health issues are one of the most common reasons pet parents bring their companions to the vet. To help prevent painful and expensive problems, veterinarians often recommend regular ear cleansing with Nolvasan Otic.

The formula is gentle enough for routine use on dogs and cats of all ages. The solution will not sting or irritate sensitive skin. Pets with chronic ear troubles may find relief when their owners commit to regular cleaning.

Nolvasan Otic is alcohol-free to avoid excess drying and irritation. It also contains aloe vera to further soothe and protect tender ears prone to scratching and head shaking. This balanced formula provides proven antimicrobial action along with gentle ingredients suitable for long-term use.

Easy to Use at Home

Caring pet owners can easily incorporate ear cleaning into their regular hygiene routine. Administering Nolvasan Otic takes just a few simple steps:

1. Hold your pet’s ear flap gently and squirt a liberal amount of solution into the canal. Massage the base of the ear to work the liquid throughout the canal and loosen debris.

2. Allow your pet to shake their head – this helps further dislodge wax buildup and discharge. Use cotton balls to gently wipe out excess.

3. Swab outer ears with Nolvasan Otic to clean visible dirt and oil. Take care not to insert swabs into the canal.

4. Apply as recommended by your veterinarian. For most pets, cleansing the ears weekly helps maintain cleanliness and prevent infection.

With its handy bottle and nozzle applicator, Nolvasan Otic makes in-home ear care easy. Just a few minutes a week can help support your pet’s health and happiness.

Customers Love This Highly-Rated Formula

Pet owners have depended on Nolvasan Otic solution for decades. This veterinarian-developed formula has earned glowing reviews and recommendations. Customers love how it:

  • Soothes irritated, itchy ears
  • Loosens and removes waxy buildup
  • Leaves ears smelling clean and fresh
  • Dries ear canals to discourage yeast and bacteria
  • Prevents painful infections between vet visits

Customers are delighted by how smoothly the solution pours, allowing mess-free administration. The generous 16 ounce bottle provides a long-lasting supply. Pet owners can feel confident using a cleaning solution that’s trusted by veterinarians and positively reviewed by other caring owners.

Keep Your Companion’s Ears Clean and Healthy

Don’t let preventable ear infections make your pet miserable. Pick up a bottle of highly-rated Nolvasan Otic Cleansing Solution today. This veterinarian-recommended formula is the easy, gentle way to maintain your dog or cat’s ear health between vet visits.


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