Night Walks Just Got a Lot Brighter with the KOSKILL LED Dog Collar


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Heading out for an evening stroll with your furry friend? Make those night walks safer for both of you with the KOSKILL LED Dog Collar. This smart collar lights up the night so you and your pup can be easily seen.

With super bright LEDs, this collar provides glowing 360 degree visibility up to 500 meters away. Now cars, bicyclists and other people can spot you and your dog from a distance, even in low light. No more worrying about anyone accidentally running into your pooch!

The adjustable nylon collar has a comfy soft light tube inside. So it’s lightweight and won’t put pressure on your dog’s neck. Just slip it on for a perfect customized fit. Available in small, medium and large sizes to fit any dog comfortably.

Rechargeable and Water Resistant for Ultimate Convenience

No more wasting money on batteries! The built-in rechargeable battery powers the bright LEDs for hours of glow time. Easily recharge by USB cable with any power source like a laptop or phone charger.

Get up to 12 hours of light on a single charge depending on the flash mode used:

Steady glow mode lasts 3-4 hours
Quick flash mode lasts 8-10 hours
Slow flash mode lasts 10-12 hours
Before heading out for a night walk, make sure to fully charge the collar first. The battery will keep your pup shining bright throughout your stroll.

Don’t worry about getting the collar wet either. The water resistant design holds up in rain, snow or splashes. No need to panic if your dog jumps in a puddle or lake while wearing this collar.

All weather durability makes this the perfect collar year-round. From dark winter nights to balmy summer evenings, you’ll get maximum visibility on every walk.

Comfortable and Safe Design

Along with the bright LED lights, the KOSKILL Dog Collar focuses heavily on comfort and safety.

The adjustable nylon webbing evenly distributes weight so the collar doesn’t put pressure on your dog’s neck. It won’t rub or chafe either thanks to the smooth flat design.

A sturdy D-ring allows you to attach your dog’s leash too. Go for walks confident the collar will hold secure. No chance of your dog slipping the collar or getting loose.

Reflective accents provide even more visibility from every angle. Drivers and cyclists can spot the reflective strips in their headlights from further away.

For added peace of mind, the collar has a quick release buckle. So you can swiftly undo the collar in any emergency situation.

Your dog will barely notice they’re wearing this lightweight yet durable collar. The breathable nylon material makes it comfy for all day or night use.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Thanks to the flexible design, the KOSKILL Dog Collar is a breeze to wash and care for.

Simply remove the LED light tube from the nylon webbing collar. Hand wash the webbing with mild soap and water to remove dirt or odors.

Avoid submerging the LED light tube in water. Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth if needed.

Once the nylon webbing band is dry, slip the LED light tube back inside. Your collar will look bright and new again!

No batteries or wiring makes this collar maintenance-free. The USB rechargeable battery eliminates any need to replace batteries over time.

Get your KOSKILL LED Dog Collar today and make those night walks safer for you and your four-legged friend. The bright glow keeps everyone visible and alert on late night strolls.


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