Natural Paw Butter for Healing Cats’ Cracked Pads


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Is your cat limping around with sore, cracked paw pads? Dry, irritated paws can make your feline friend miserable. That’s why cat parents reach for Plano Paws Paw Balm to soothe and heal their kitty’s paws naturally.

This veterinarian recommended formula is specially designed to moisturize, repair and protect your cat’s paw pads. The main ingredients – coconut oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil – work together to deeply hydrate those dry, cracked paw pads.

Coconut oil provides intensive hydration to heal cracked skin while also protecting against bacteria. The rich moisture of shea butter softens hard, thickened skin and soothes soreness. Vitamin E and almond oil nourish skin to prevent future cracking.

And the best part? Since it’s all natural, this balm is completely safe if kitty licks their paws after application. No more worrying about your cat ingesting harsh chemicals.

Applying this healing balm takes just seconds but provides instant relief and protection. The solid balm stick glides onto paws smoothly. Simply massage in gently and let the moisturizing oils work their magic.

Your cat can walk comfortably again on healthy, hydrated paw pads. The balm creates a protective barrier against hot pavement, cold ice, rocky terrain and other environmental hazards.

This balm isn’t just a quick fix either. Regular use nourishes paws to prevent future cracking and irritation. It offers year-round healing and protection from summer heat to winter cold.

Soothe away the pain of cracked paws with this vet-approved formula made just for felines. Hydrate and heal your kitty’s paws naturally with Plano Paws balm.

See the joy on your cat’s face as they walk, run and play without tender, irritated paws holding them back. This Plano Paws balm can make cracked, painful paws a thing of the past.

The moisturizing plant oils penetrate deep into thick, hardened skin to soften and restore suppleness. Dryness and cracking never stand a chance against coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E.

Even better, the balm is completely safe if kitty licks their paws after you apply it. No need to worry about chemicals or toxins. This balm uses only natural ingredients proven to heal cat paws.

Applying it takes just seconds but provides instant soothing relief. Simply glide the balm stick over cracked pads and gently massage in. Your cat will think they’ve gone to the spa for a paw treatment!

The balm also forms a protective barrier against environmental hazards like hot pavement, cold snow, rocky terrain and more. Defend your cat’s paws year-round, in any weather.

Don’t wait for cracked paw pads to heal on their own. Quickly relieve the pain and discomfort with Plano Paws natural balm designed by cat lovers for cat lovers.


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