Natural Paw Balm for Repairing Cracked Cat Pads


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Does your cat dread going outside because of sore, irritated paws? Dry, cracked pads can make walking painful and rob your pet of the joys of playtime. That’s why cat owners reach for Plano Paws Natural Paw Balm to heal and protect their feline’s paws.

This veterinarian-approved formula moisturizes and repairs cracked, damaged paw pads using nourishing natural oils. Key ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E work together to provide intensive hydration and healing.

Coconut oil deeply penetrates dry, thickened skin to soften and smooth. The rich fatty acids also help fight bacteria to prevent infection in cracked paws. Shea butter’s soothing moisturizing properties soften hardened skin and provide relief from tenderness.

Vitamin E strengthens skin to help prevent future cracking and damage while almond oil’s antioxidants nurture skin. And since it uses all natural plant-based ingredients, this balm is safe if kitty licks their paws after application.

Applying the balm takes just seconds but gives instant comfort and protection. Simply glide over cracked pads and massage in gently. Plant oils get absorbed rapidly to start the healing process immediately.

Regular use helps heal existing cracks while strengthening paws against environmental hazards like hot pavement, snow, ice and more. Defend your feline’s paws in any season, any weather with this nourishing balm.

Give your cat sweet relief from the pain of cracked paw pads. Repair and protect their paws naturally with Plano Paws balm designed by cat lovers for cat lovers.

Cracked, irritated paws don’t have to slow your active kitty down. Plano Paws Natural Paw Balm provides the healing hydration and protection your cat needs to stay happy and playful even on rough terrain.

The rich plant oils immediately soak into dry, calloused skin to restore softness and flexibility. The natural formula smooths and repairs even the toughest cracked pads. Walking is painless again!

You’ll love how fast it soothes tender paws after application. And because it uses gentle ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, it’s safe if kitty licks their paws. No more worries about chemicals harming your pet.

Even after cracked pads heal, regular use strengthens paws against future damage. Hot sidewalks, rugged trails and icy sidewalks are no match for your cat’s conditioned, nourished paw pads.

Give your feline friend sweet, soothing relief from sore cracked paws. Get them back to running, jumping and frolicking safely and comfortably with Plano Paws Natural Paw Balm.


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