Milk-Bone Variety Pill Pouches with Real Chicken & Hickory Smoke Bacon Flavor – Dog Treats for Hiding Medication


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Giving your dog medication doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore with the Milk-Bone Variety Pill Pouches. These pouches make it easy to hide pills in a tasty treat that your dog will love.

Made with Real Chicken and Hickory Smoke Bacon Flavor

The Milk-Bone Variety Pill Pouches are made with real chicken and hickory smoke bacon flavor that dogs find irresistible. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Only high-quality ingredients like chicken and bacon that your dog will go crazy for.

Perfect for Hiding Pills or Medicine

Simply place your dog’s capsule or pill in the middle of the soft, chewy treat and wrap it up. The strong smell and taste mask the medication so your dog happily gobbles it up. No more fighting to get your dog to take their medicine.

Resealable Pouch Keeps Treats Fresh

The resealable pouch ensures the soft pill pouches stay fresh. Close it up after each use to maintain the flavor and texture.

Convenient Size for Travel or Home

Each 6 oz pouch contains approximately 25 pill pouches – perfect for at home or on the go. Stash a pouch in your bag or keep one handy at home to always be prepared when your dog needs medication.

Made in the USA with Quality Ingredients

You can feel good knowing the Milk-Bone Variety Pill Pouches are made right here in the USA. Only quality ingredients from trusted sources are used to craft these tasty pouches.

No Meal, By-Products or Wheat

Dogs love the real chicken and bacon flavor. There are no cheap by-product fillers or artificial flavors that dogs don’t need. The treats are also wheat-free.

Easy to Use

Simply open the pouch, place the pill in the middle of the treat, pinch it closed and you’re done. Your dog will gobble it right up, none the wiser about the pill tucked inside. No more struggling to get your dog to take medication.

Ideal for Dogs of All Sizes

The pill pouches are the perfect size for small, medium and large breed dogs. The chewy bacon and chicken flavored texture appeals to even picky eaters. Dogs of all ages love these tasty treats.

Veterinarian Recommended Brand

For over 85 years, Milk-Bone has been making tasty, nutritious treats for dogs. Veterinarians and pet-owners trust the Milk-Bone brand to care for dogs. These pill pouches are a smart solution recommended by vets.

Your dog deserves a treat that also helps their health. Milk-Bone Variety Pill Pouches make giving medication easy while also giving your dog a delicious chicken and bacon flavored snack they love. No artificial ingredients – just real food taste. Pick up a pouch today and see how much easier giving pills can be!


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