Mighty Paw Mighty Scoot – Vet Designed Dog Anal Gland Chews


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Give your dog digestive support and promote anal gland health with Mighty Paw Mighty Scoot chews. Formulated by veterinarians, these pumpkin-based soft chews provide a fiber boost to improve bowel movements and empty anal glands naturally.

The inclusion of pumpkin, an excellent source of fiber, helps regulate your dog’s digestion. Aids like beet pulp and dandelion root support the colon, small intestines, and nutrient absorption. This improves stool quality to allow for the release of anal glands during bowel movements.

Dogs love the tasty bacon flavor of Mighty Scoot soft chews! This enticing flavor and chewy texture makes it easy to give your pup their daily supplement. Feel good knowing these vet-designed chews support your dog’s gut health and comfort.

Mighty Paw Mighty Scoot is proudly made in the USA following stringent quality control. As dog lovers, Mighty Paw’s team carefully monitors every step to produce effective, natural supplements right here at home.

Benefits of Mighty Paw Mighty Scoot Dog Chews:

– Vet formulated for digestive health
– Improves anal gland function
– Pumpkin provides a high fiber boost
– Beet pulp regulates digestion
– Dandelion root enhances nutrient absorption
– Delicious bacon flavor dogs love
– Made in the USA

Vet Designed Digestive Care

Mighty Scoot chews were thoughtfully formulated by veterinarians to target common digestive issues in dogs. The ingredients work synergistically to promote:

Regular bowel movements
Ideal stool consistency
Easy anal gland expression
Improved nutrient absorption
Intestinal and colon health

With these chews, you can feel confident your dog is getting effective, veterinarian-approved support for optimal digestive system function and comfort.

Pumpkin Provides Prebiotic Fiber

The main ingredient in Mighty Scoot chews is real pumpkin. Pumpkin is an excellent natural source of dietary fiber and prebiotic nutrients.

Fiber normalizes stool consistency for ideal anal gland expression during bowel movements. Bulkier stools apply gentle pressure to naturally release the anal glands. This prevents impaction and discomfort.

The prebiotics in pumpkin also help maintain populations of beneficial bacteria in the gut for better digestion and regularity. With the power of pumpkin, Mighty Scoot improves digestive health and anal gland function.

Extra Digestive Aids

Mighty Scoot includes additional ingredients like beet pulp and dandelion root to further support your dog’s digestion from start to finish:

Beet Pulp – A source of soluble fiber to bulk up and soften stools for easier passing. Also promotes growth of beneficial bacteria.

Dandelion Root – Maintains digestive enzymes and increases bile production for better fat digestion and nutrient absorption.

Inulin – Prebiotic to nourish probiotics. Helps regulate gastrointestinal health.

Dicalcium Phosphate – Supports colon health and regularity.

Delicious Bacon Flavor

Mighty Paw understands taste is important when giving dogs supplements. That’s why Mighty Scoot chews have an irresistible smoky bacon flavor.

Dogs gobble up these tasty chews without the struggle of pills or powders. The chewy texture adds to the enjoyment. Make supporting your dog’s health easy and delicious!

Made in the USA

Mighty Paw proudly produces Mighty Scoot digestive chews in the USA. Their facilities in New York stringently monitor every step of crafting these vet-designed supplements for quality and efficacy.

As dog lovers, Mighty Paw thoughtfully sources and prepare ingredients to effectively support your pup’s wellbeing. Trust these American-made chews to nourish your dog and make dog parents happy.

For digestive care you can trust, choose Mighty Paw’s Mighty Scoot chews. These vet-formulated pumpkin supplement soft chews naturally improve bowel regularity and anal gland health. The delicious bacon taste will have your dog begging for their daily dose!


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