Mighty Paw Large Bully Sticks – Thick Protein Chews for Dogs


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Give your strong chewer a tasty, long-lasting treat with Mighty Paw Large Bully Sticks. These thick, foot-long bully sticks are made from premium beef to provide a substantial, satisfying chew. The protein-rich recipe nourishes muscles while the hearty texture occupies aggressive chewers for hours.

Mighty Paw Large Bully Sticks use only grass-fed, free-range beef sourced from South America. They contain no grains, gluten or artificial ingredients – just nutritious single-ingredient bully sticks. The irresistible beef flavor and aroma will captivate even the pickiest pups.

Available in 6 and 12 inch sizes, these odor-free chews are perfect for medium, large, and giant breed dogs. The dense texture stands up to the most determined chewers, providing hours of chewing bliss. Bully sticks promote dental health through natural teeth cleaning as dogs gnaw and chomp.

Give your power chewer a safe, nurturing outlet for their energy. Mighty Paw Large Bully Sticks redirect destructive chewing instincts into a healthy activity. Made in the USA, these premium chews give you peace of mind while giving your dog nutritious enjoyment.

Benefits of Mighty Paw Large Bully Sticks:

– Thick Size for Aggressive Chewers – Long-lasting challenge big dogs love
– Single-Ingredient Protein – No fillers, grains, or additives
– Promotes Dental Health – Cleans teeth and gums naturally
– Protein for Muscle Support– Nourishes an active lifestyle
– Grain-Free and Gluten-Free – Easy to digest formula
– No Artificial Ingredients – Only minimally processed beef
– Crafted and Packaged in the USA – Stringent safety processes

Satisfying Chew Size for Big Chewers

The extra thick size of these bully sticks provides a hearty chew challenge big dogs love. Measuring 12 inches long, they provide hours of blissful chewing satisfaction.

Watch your strong chewer sink their teeth and jaws into these substantial, high-protein treats. The irresistible beefy flavor keeps them focused until the last morsel is gone.

For smaller dogs, the 6 inch bully sticks provide a manageable yet satisfying gnaw. Mighty Paw Large Bully Sticks have the ideal size for any dog ready to conquer a hearty chew.

Powerful Chewing Promotes Dental Health

The intense chewing action required to devour these large bully sticks helps remove plaque and tartar from the surface of teeth. Gnawing also stimulates saliva production to further protect oral health.

The texture and mineral content from beef give your dog an abrasive, natural toothbrush in the form of a tasty treat. Their dental health will benefit from having to work hard at these chews.

Bully sticks are often more effective at reducing tartar than chewy treats alone. The beef fibers get deep into crevices for cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

Protein-Packed Nutrition from Beef

Mighty Paw Bully Sticks are crafted from free-range, grass-fed cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics. This high-quality beef provides a excellent source of protein.

Protein delivers essential amino acids to build and maintain your dog’s muscles. The rich protein content keeps even high-energy dogs satisfied while fueling their active lifestyles.

Dogs instinctively crave and flourish on meat-based diets. Give your carnivorous companion a protein-packed treat their body recognizes and thrives on.

Single-Ingredient Formula

The only ingredient in Mighty Paw Bully Sticks is premium beef muscle. This simplicity avoids potential allergens and additives found in lower quality treats.

Dogs with sensitivities to grains, chicken, lamb or fish can enjoy these single-ingredient bully sticks worry-free. Pet parents can reward good pups generously without tummy troubles.

Feed your dog real food treats made from high-quality beef raised on its natural grass-fed diet. Their taste buds will revel in these flavorful protein-packed chews.

American Made and Sourced

Mighty Paw procures beef from South American farms and manufactures bully sticks in New York facilities. This control over sourcing and production ensures safety and quality.

You can reward your pet carefree with these American-made chews. Mighty Paw thoughtfully prepares single-ingredient treats to nourish your dog naturally.

Choose the chewing satisfaction of Mighty Paw Large Bully Sticks for your beloved dog. These protein-rich chews support their health and make lasting memories.


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