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Treat your dog to a tasty, nutritious chew with Mighty Paw Half Pig Ears. These 100% natural single-ingredient dog treats provide a healthy alternative to rawhide. Pig ears promote your dog’s dental health and help relieve anxiety.

Mighty Paw pig ears contain just one ingredient – pork. That makes them perfect for pups with food sensitivities. They are free of common irritants like grains, gluten, and artificial flavors. Give your dog a guilt-free treat that supports their overall wellbeing.

At 6 inches long, these half pig ears are suitable for small, medium, and large breed dogs. Your pup will delight in sinking their teeth into these chewy, meaty treats. Watch them curl up contentedly, enjoying a long-lasting snack.

Mighty Paw pig ears are sourced from farm-raised pigs in Colombia. They are carefully processed into a digestible treat your dog will love. Only minimal processing is used to dry and preserve the ears naturally.

Discover all the benefits of rewarding your tail-wagger with Mighty Paw Half Pig Ears:

Promotes Dental Health

The chewy texture scrapes away tartar and plaque as your dog gnaws on these treats. Chewing also stimulates saliva production to keep your dog’s gums and teeth clean and healthy.

Pig ears help prevent periodontal disease and bad breath. Their slightly abrasive exterior provides a natural teeth-cleaning action with each bite.

Long-Lasting Chewing Satisfaction

Mighty Paw Pig Ears keep your energetic pup happily occupied for hours. They provide a satisfyingoutlet for your dog’s natural chewing instinct.

The chewy pig skin and cartilage take your dog time to devour. Watch your power chewer enjoy every last morsel of this hearty, meaty snack.

Single-Ingredient Treat

With only one ingredient – pork – Mighty Paw Pig Ears avoid triggering food allergies or sensitivities. They contain no common irritants like grains, gluten, or fillers.

The single-ingredient formula provides a nutritious, digestible treat for dogs with chicken, beef, fish, or grain intolerances. Give your pup a snack you can feel good about.

Natural Source of Glucosamine

Pig ears contain substantial amounts of glucosamine, a compound vital for healthy joints. Glucosamine supports cartilage, ligament, and tendon function.

The natural glucosamine in Mighty Paw pig ears helps aging dogs and breeds prone to joint issues. Reward your active pup with a treat that nourishes their joints.

Alleviates Anxiety and Boredom

Provide a productive chewing outlet for anxious, restless, or bored dogs. The satisfying texture eases stress and destructive chewing behaviors.

Keep your pet calm and focused during car trips, separation anxiety, or other situations with these calming treats. Chewing offers comfort and stress relief.

USA Born and Packaged

Mighty Paw pig ears are born and raised on American farms. Their headquarters in Rochester, NY oversees treat testing, inspection, and packaging.

You can feel good knowing your dog’s treats adhere to strict quality control and safety standards. Mighty Paw only sends out the finest pig ears for pets.

No Mess, No Odor

Unlike some natural treats, Mighty Paw Pig Ears are surprisingly tidy and odor-free. The drying process preserves freshness and prevents messes.

Your home stays clean and smelling fresh while your dog enjoys these tidy chews. No more offensive odors or grease stains from messy treats.

Protein-Rich Nutrition

Mighty Paw Pig Ears provide a naturally nutritious, protein-rich snack. Protein supports lean muscle growth and an active lifestyle.

The treats also contain beneficial nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. Reward your dog with wholesome nutrition in each delicious bite.

Grain-Free and Gluten-Free

These single-ingredient treats contain absolutely no grains or gluten. Dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities can enjoy Mighty Paw pig ears worry-free.

Avoid the fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors added to mass-produced treats. Mighty Paw Pig Ears keep it simple for healthy, happy pups.

Choose Mighty Paw Pig Ears

For a hearty, healthy chew your dog will love, choose Mighty Paw Half Pig Ears. These natural treats support your dog’s dental health and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Your pup will delight in sinking their teeth into these meaty, protein-packed chews. The single-ingredient formula avoids common allergens for dogs with sensitivities.

Reward your best friend with a nutritious treat made from premium pork. Mighty Paw Pig Ears are a tasty, mess-free way to ease anxiety and clean teeth. Pick up a bag today!


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