Mighty Paw Cow Knee Caps – Natural Dried Beef Bones for Dogs


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Give your dog a tasty two-in-one chew with Mighty Paw Cow Knee Caps. These unique single-ingredient treats feature a meaty beef kneecap bone wrapped in beef skin. Your dog will delight in chewing off the beefy exterior to get to the smooth, dense knee cap bone inside.

Mighty Paw Cow Knee Caps provide a long-lasting chew to satisfy energetic dogs. The combo of chewy beef and hard bone occupies power chewers for hours. These protein-packed treats are minimally processed with no artificial ingredients added.

The kneecap’s knobby shape and texture promote your dog’s dental health by gently scraping away plaque and tartar. Chewing also stimulates saliva production to keep teeth and gums healthy. Sinking into these meaty treats prevents boredom and destructive behaviors.

Mighty Paw Cow Knee Caps source premium grass-fed beef from free-range cattle in Colombia. Their facilities in New York oversee rigorous quality control and testing for safety. Give your dog a nutritious chew crafted in the USA from high-quality ingredients.

Benefits of Mighty Paw Cow Knee Caps:

– Two Chews in One – Tasty beef wrap and smooth bone

– Cleans Teeth & Freshens Breath – Abrasive texture reduces plaque

– Prevents Boredom – Provides a satisfyingly long chew

– Single Ingredient Beef – No grains, gluten or additives

– Packed with Protein – Supports muscle growth and energy

– Promotes Dental Health – Chewing strengthens teeth

– Crafted and Packaged in the USA – Stringent safety processes

Two Chews in One Treat

The unique design of Mighty Paw Cow Knee Caps provides two chews in one long-lasting treat. The knee cap bone is wrapped in a layer of tasty beef skin.

Dogs relish chewing and tearing off bits of the beef exterior to get to the dense, smooth kneecap bone inside. Once they’ve polished off the meaty exterior, the bone provides another great chew all on its own.

This combo gives you more value while keeping your dog happily occupied. They’ll delight in sinking their teeth into the savory beef wrap before gnawing on the bone for hours.

Promotes Dental Health While Chewing

The knobby shape and textured surfaces of the kneecap bone promote dental health. As your dog chews, the abrasive surfaces scrape away tartar and plaque.

Chewing also massages gums and stimulates saliva flow to prevent bacteria growth. The minerals from beef and bone strengthen teeth for better dental health long-term.

The hard bone texture cleans down to the gumline better than chewy treats alone. Give your dog a natural toothbrush in the form of a tasty, meaty kneecap!

Provides Long-Lasting Chewing Satisfaction

This hearty two-in-one chew keeps energetic dogs happily occupied for hours. The combination of chewy beef and hard bone provides extensive chewing engagement.

The substantial size and long-lasting challenge prevents boredom in restless dogs and eases anxiety in stressed pups. Providing a physical chewing outlet curbs destructive behaviors.

Dogs who quickly plow through other treats will relish sinking their teeth into these satisfying knee cap bones. The enticing aroma and flavor keeps them focused until the last morsel is gone.

Single-Ingredient Nutrition

Mighty Paw Cow Knee Caps have only one ingredient – high-quality beef. The knee caps and wrapping come straight from grass-fed cattle raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Minimally drying the beef preserves the natural protein and nutrients innately present in beef. These single-ingredient treats contain no grains, gluten, or artificial additives.

Give your dog a nutritious chew you can feel good about from start to finish. Their inner carnivore will relish these real beef bones.

Protein for Muscle Support

Beef provides an excellent source of complete protein packed with essential amino acids. Protein supports lean muscle development and maintenance for active, energetic dogs.

The high protein content also curbs hunger and gives sustained energy. Mighty Paw knee caps provide fuel for the long haul whether your dog is relaxing at home or on an outdoor adventure.

Reward your busy pup with a protein-packed chew that powers their active lifestyle. Their tails will wag for these meaty beef bone treats.

Crafted in the USA

Mighty Paw proudly crafts their single-ingredient cow knee caps in the USA. Their New York facilities follow stringent protocols to test every batch and ensure safety.

You can reward your dog generously with these American-made chews. Mighty Paw thoughtfully prepares real food treats to nourish dogs naturally.

Give your pup a long-lasting chew made close to home from premium beef. Mighty Paw Cow Knee Caps will satisfy their chewing instincts while you relax knowing their treat is safe and wholesome.


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