Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, 100% Natural Dried Chicken


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Treat your dog to a tasty, nutritious snack with Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky all-natural dog treats. Made simply from 100% cage-free chicken, these single ingredient jerky strips provide a protein-packed chew free of artificial additives.

Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky is crafted by slow drying premium chicken breast to preserve flavor and create a chewy texture dogs love. Minimal processing retains the nutrition in the chicken.

These wholesome jerky strips are perfect for dogs of all sizes. Give Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky as a training reward, a special snack, or anytime your dog deserves a healthy treat made from real meat.

Made in the USA, Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky contains absolutely no grains, gluten, fillers, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Only minimal ingredients go into this thoughtfully prepared snack to support your dog’s overall health and happiness.

Benefits of Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky Dog Treats:

– Single Ingredient Formula – Just premium chicken breast, no fillers or additives

– High in Protein – Supports lean muscle development and energy

– Chewy Texture – Oven dried to a chewy, enticing texture

– Long-Lasting Chew – Keeps dogs contently occupied for hours

– Grain-Free & Gluten-Free – No potential inflammatory ingredients

– No Artificial Ingredients – Only minimally processed chicken

– For Dogs of All Sizes – Tearable jerky for pets big and small

– Crafted and Packaged in the USA – Stringent safety and quality control

Wholesome Single-Ingredient Nutrition

The single ingredient in Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky is premium chicken breast from cage-free American chickens. Gently drying the chicken creates a chewy, proteiny treat.

Minimal processing preserves the natural nutrition already present in chicken. These wholesome jerky strips are packed with essential amino acids and vitamins that nourish your dog’s entire body.

Made without any grains, gluten or fillers, Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky avoids ingredients that commonly cause inflammatory bowel disease. Dogs with sensitive stomachs digest these single-ingredient treats easily.

Give your dog a nutritious chew you can feel good about from start to finish. Their inner wolf will relish these tasty meaty treats made from real chicken.

High Protein Supports Muscles and Energy

Chicken is an excellent source of complete protein, meaning it provides all the essential amino acids dogs require. Protein supports the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass to keep your dog active and energetic.

The protein in Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky also takes longer to digest, providing lasting energy. These protein-packed treats help curb hunger between meals or give an energizing boost before activities.

Reward your active pup with jerky strips made from real meat. Their inner carnivore will delight in these tasty protein morsels.

Satisfying Chewy Texture

Dogs love working their jaws on these chewy chicken jerky strips. The satisfying texture occupies busy pups for hours as they gnaw, chew, and tear off bits of jerky.

The chewy chicken provides an outlet for natural chewing instincts in anxious or restless dogs. Ease boredom and curb destructive behavior with these calming, long-lasting treats.

These substantial chews have just the right texture to clean teeth and gums, remove plaque, and freshen doggy breath as your pup chomps away. Their cravings for meat satisfaction will be met with each morsel.

Tearable Jerky for Dogs Big and Small

Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky treats are available in a range of sizes perfect for tearing off the ideal portion for your dog. Big dogs enjoy chewing the large jerky strips, while smaller breeds relish the smaller pieces.

The jerky is tender enough for dogs with weaker jaws, including seniors and puppies, to easily chew and digest. Yet the chewy texture still provides a satisfying gnaw even power chewers love.

Give your dog the perfect personalized portion by simply tearing off jerky pieces to suit their size and chewing needs. Adjust amounts for training treats, special snacks, or anytime they give you their best puppy dog eyes.

Crafted in the USA with Care

Mighty Paw Chicken Jerky dog treats are made in the USA with control over each step of preparation. Their facilities in New York oversee quality assurance and testing to ensure safety.

As dog lovers, the team at Mighty Paw understands the importance of a nutritious diet. They thoughtfully prepare single-ingredient treats to nurture your pup’s health and happiness.

Give your dog real food treats made close to home with care. Choose Mighty Paw for nutritious jerky strips from premium American chicken.


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