Merrick Power Bites Turducken Soft & Chewy Dog Treats – Grain Free Blend of Turkey, Duck & Chicken


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Give your dog a flavorful protein blend with Merrick Power Bites Turducken recipe! These soft and chewy treats feature a tasty combo of turkey, duck and chicken tailored for dogs of all sizes.

The bite-sized pieces are perfect for rewarding your pup during training or anytime. The limited ingredient recipe provides a concentrated protein kick for active dogs.

Merrick Power Bites are crafted in the USA with no gluten, corn, wheat, soy or artificial ingredients – only real deboned turkey, duck and chicken paired with natural superfoods.

Your furry friend will devour these savory soft treats bursting with the mouthwatering flavors of turducken in every tasty nibble!

Protein-Packed Turducken Blend

The first ingredients in Merrick Power Bites Turducken recipe are real deboned turkey, duck and chicken. This provides a nutritious blend of high-quality animal proteins.

Poultry like turkey, duck and chicken supply the essential amino acids active dogs need to build and maintain healthy muscles. The combination gives a complete protein profile.

Dogs adore the rich savory flavors of juicy turkey, duck and chicken. These satisfying bites will have your pup drooling for more! The tasty protein medley keeps dogs focused during training.

Reward your furry trainee with premium protein packed into every turducken morsel.

Soft Texture Easy to Chew

Merrick Power Bites have a soft and chewy texture that is easy for dogs to quickly nibble and swallow. The small bite size is perfect for training treats.

The chewy pieces won’t crumble or make a mess like crunchy treats can. The softness prevents choking hazards for excited pups focused on earning rewards.

The pliable bites are easy to nibble for dogs with dental issues. Yet they provide a satisfying chewy experience to delight your pup.

Your dog will devour these tender turducken morsels bursting with juicy poultry flavors! The soft texture enhances the savory protein taste.

Grain Free & No Artificial Ingredients

Merrick Power Bites Turducken treats are 100% grain-free and gluten-free with no corn, wheat or soy. There are also no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The limited ingredients help avoid common canine allergens. This makes them great treats for dogs with food sensitivities.

Only real whole food ingredients like turkey, duck, chicken, sweet potatoes, peas and apples are used. Superfood nutrition you can feel good about!

With no unwanted filler ingredients, Merrick Power Bites are healthy for regular rewarding.

Resealable 6 oz Pouches

The convenient 6 oz pouches are perfect for on-the-go training. Toss in your treat bag or pocket to always have rewards accessible.

Reseal after use to keep the remaining soft treats fresh and moist. The pouches prevent crushing for deliciously chewy morsels anytime.

Made in the USA, you can trust Merrick to craft quality natural treats that deliver premium nutrition and yummy flavors in each bite.

Satisfy your dog with scrumptious turducken protein bites from Merrick Power Bites. Get soft and chewy meaty goodness on your next order!


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