Merrick Fresh Kisses Mint Dental Treats for Dogs 25-50 lbs (22 Count)


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Give your dog a mouth-cleaning treat that freshens breath too! Merrick Fresh Kisses dental treats feature a unique double-brush design to clean teeth and naturally minty strips to freshen doggie breath.

These grain-free treats go to work on plaque and tartar buildup while your dog chews. Dual ridges scrub top and bottom teeth down to the gumline for a thorough clean. Real spearmint leaves infused into the treats freshen breath. No more stinky dog kisses!

Pet parents love that these dental treats actually work to clean teeth and reduce bad breath. Made in the USA, they contain only 10 natural ingredients without any gluten, grains or potatoes.

At only 5 calories per treat, they make a healthy daily dental reward. Their small size is perfect for medium and large breed dogs between 25-50 lbs. Keep your pup’s pearly whites clean while freshening breath with Merrick Fresh Kisses!


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